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Operator Contractor Training Alliance (OCTA)

You will find this comprehensive online/classroom training system the solution to your training needs.

Our courses are align with Operator Contractor Training Requirement as well as federal/state compliance. You will also find this training solution the best value offered today for online and classroom training, plus your employees will find the training interesting, easy to understand and  use.



As an organization, you have a commitment to your workers to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to do their job safely. Whether that be safety, environmental, or human resource training, you need a system that is going to be easy to use, easy to administer, and flexible enough to meet your training needs. You get a comprehensive system to run, manage, and report on your company-wide training. By using us for your general awareness, general industry training, you have more time to be involved with site-specific needs instead of classroom administration. All tests are saved and secured electronically, so you don’t have to mess with paperwork.



Our LMS gives you comparative reporting, which allows you to retrieve test data and generate custom reports quickly based on your current training schedule. These reports allow you to see which users completed the training, when it was completed, and what they have yet to complete. All training data is stored in a secure database within an LMS platform to allow administrators access to training data, test scores, and other pertinent information, as well as the ability to print certificates of completion at any time. The one-of-a-kind auto-reporting capability puts reports in the inboxes of the personnel who need them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.



The advantage you’re getting when working with us is… us!  Our company started as an EHS training consulting group, which gives us a unique perspective on what you need and why training is so important. If you ever have any questions or need help with the LMS platform please give us a call, we are here for you! You’ll get one-on-one help from the customer care advocate dedicated to your account, backed by the entire team.



Our LMS has scheduling options that allow you to set up training schedules for your employees. You can schedule on multiple levels: company-wide, by department, by group, and even by individual user. Once training is scheduled, users can get automatic reminder emails when training needs to be completed. Do you have yearly training? Not a problem! Set any course as an annual training and it will automatically be part of your schedule for the next year.



Training requirements of your organization are unique, and you may already have unique training content that is customized to your organization. Our LMS allows you to upload custom training documents while still providing all of the functionality needed to incorperate your site-specific training with the provided courses. You can schedule training on custom courses, create test questions, and include all scheduled training on your reports. Custom courses give you the ability to train employees to material that is site-specific while still keeping all of your training records and data in one place. Take a look at our Custom Courses area to see the types of documents you can add to our system and the power you have in reporting all in one place.



Our goal is to develop general awareness courses that create an interesting and interactive learning experience. Courses use images, video, text and audio for full comprehension. All of our courses are designed by professionals with the ultimate goal of reaching employees with the information they need to meet operator requirements  to be safe and meet compliance. 

Some of Our Awesome Contractor Partners

OCTA training is used by Contractor Training Partners to perform and report required Operator training directly to Operators or to ISNetworld®, PEC and PICS Management. ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, and Avetta are simply third party contractor management systems that operators such as BP, ExxonMobile, Devon Energy, SandRidge Energy, Apache Corporation, Kinder -Morgan, Sheridan Production, Marathon Oil, Range Resources, ConocoPhillips, Shell, and others, utilize to pre-qualify their contractors and vendors to perform work by reviewing and verifying Insurance, Workers Comp, Safety Training, and Safety Programs.


A learning management system, commonly known as LMS, is a system used to manage and track learning and training materials. Our LMS allows companies to select training, set schedules, upload custom documents and retrieve test data using a wide variety of reporting functions.

Yes, we provide flexibility and freedom to the Administrators for the company’s specific and unique needs. Your company can upload specific procedures, policies and documents to personalize our site into your company’s training network.

Yes, each training topic follows the required standard for the academic portion of the applicable regulation. However, this can go beyond OSHA and may require compliance with additional governing agencies such as the EPA and DOT. Also, several required standards have specific practical (hands-on) training requirements that would need to be supplemental OCTA training. Training topics should be selected based on the hazards and requirements present at your particular location.

Yes, each time an employee completes a training program the subsequent test data is saved to a secure database. All topics completed, test scores, questions answered, date, time and other pertinent data are recorded for access by an administrator at any time.

We have developed our LMS with the ease of use as a primary objective. The site is simple to navigate and includes an online help section which details the site functions and features. OCTA customer service is available by phone, help desk or email to assist with any additional questions.

Yes, this system is setup so that the administrator can run group training sessions online and have documentation and testing capabilities with little additional effort.

Designed... To Keep it Simple ...
For Any Size Firm to have Affordable On-line HSE Training.

The cost of subscribing to OCTA training is the best value in online/classroom training.  "Price upfront guarantee", contact us at (713) 305-7648, email us at or use the form below.

We aim to give you the best value in online & classroom training. That’s why our pricing structure is an annual subscription based on the number of employees in your organization. You know upfront, every year what you will pay.
We provide you with unlimited access to all courses, documentation, testing, and customization options, all for the price of your subscription, no upgrade fees or hidden charges. And if you need help, you will have a dedicated client advocate to answer any of your questions.

Unlimited Course Access 

Your Own...Easy to Use LMS

Automatic Course Platform Updates

Documentation & Testing

Personalized Support

Site Branding & Customization

Company Specific Custom Courses 

Small Firms Less than 30 Trainees

$5 per course
Course Bundles
$25 to $99 each
  • Used by small contractors for afforable training to meet compliance and operator requirements.
  • Contractors are increasingly being used in the workplace to perform multiple tasks in many industries. 
  • PAY - AS - YOU -GO

Mid to Large Size Firms

$39 to $69 per trainee per year.
  • Includes Learning Management System (LMS), 400+ Courses. Free Setup / Support & much more!  With OCTA's Safeworkday SafetyPoints Training Software as a Service (T-SaaS), you can afford to train; a Department, a Division or an entire company from the Cloud. 

Annual Subscription pricing per year*




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