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Training to Protect Your Greatest Asset - Your People

The site courses have been arranged to suggest training
on an annual basis for your employees based on OSHA compliance and minimum ISNetWorld operator requirements.
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What is Freemium?

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We would like to extent to you a training start of being safe …

A training DVD with thousands of dollars worth of safety training courses (45+) and materials (1600 page Safety Manual) which you have unlimited duplication rights to use and train your employees or brand and distribute to promote your firm and safety.

What is the value of giving safety training? If you can assist to eliminate one average workplace injury for a firm you add $190,000 to their bottom line plus keeping a firm and family from going through the trauma of an injured love one. (National Safety Council)

Please understand you or your firm is under no obligation when using the DVD for training or distribution. The program is to assist in the prevention of incidents, improve safety awareness and save lives.

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YES - Provide My Company with a Login and DVD to Start Training

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United States Firms only.

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When should you upgrade to SafetyPoints PREMIUM service?
by Admin User - Sunday, 22 April 2018, 12:00 PM
Once you get started with this system you will be manually storing trainee training records in a paper file folder (Student prints course report) or in a digital folder (Student saves/prints report as pdf or other file and you put the file in a digital folder). You then log the trainees records into an excel spreadsheet or database to produce full reports for other uses.

If you have in excess of 100 trainees taking 20 courses each (2,000 reports to track) you will be able to justifly the cost of the upgrade in time savings. Do upgrade, in other words; if getting the training done with the Safety99 service costs you productivity which will increase your firm's profits more than the cost of the upgrade...Then Upgrade.

Features of Upgrade:

  • Company Branded Site with Your Company Logo and Customize Look and Feel to Your Company. - Your Site is Not Shared...In other words you have Your Own Unique Site and Database with full administration rights
  • Online Delivery / Tracking / Training Reporting Software with Unlimited training on all courses
  • Complete training report with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incomplete training by trainee and trainee supervisor | Trainee "Quick Report" with completed training with scores.
  • Trainee Site Use and Administrator training provided online
  • No IT Involvement or Resources needed
  • Quick Turnaround on Sites, 3-5 days and You are Training
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Purchase with NO PER SESSION CHARGES! - FIRST to Offer FIXED COST per TRAINEE with unlimited training on all courses---just $69 or less per trainee per year.!
  • Challenge Tests available the Topic Courses for Topic Test-out
  • Add Your Own Content, Create Your Own Courses or Use Third Party Courses with no Delivery Charge Add-0n .

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FOR "NEW" Company ACCOUNT CREATION - CLICK "Create new account" below...or if you do not receive your account confirmation email contact Support and we will confirm or create a training account for your firm.

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The First Time you Login the Homepage view will be the categories of courses...

After you enroll into course your Login view will be the courses you are currently enrolled...


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How does the system work?

1. Have your trainee Login to site with your supplied company training login.

2. Have the trainee click on the training course you desire the trainee to complete.


3. Trainee will view the course to completion. At the end of the course the trainee will be quizzed on the course.

PASS RESULT: If the trainee passes the course quiz, the trainee will print and sign Quiz Report and turn into training manager.

FAIL RESULT: If the trainee fails course quiz they shall be taken back to the beginning of course to retake course until they pass the course quiz for training credit.

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To Request support via Support Ticket System CLICK: SafetyPoints Help Desk Ticket System Ph # : 713.621.7233

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