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The Seamen’s Church Institute cares for the personal, professional, and spiritual needs of mariners around the world. Founded in 1834, it is the largest, most comprehensive mariners’ service agency in North America.

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This site contains just a sample of the 50+ courses in our HSE library. The entire catalog can be seen by clicking on the link on the right side of the page.

We design each module to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Our design concept, which includes professional narration, provides ease of use for the trainee, and ease of use for management with expensive bandwidth plans. We can custom design courses, and if you already have a LMS we will provide the content and format it for use on your system!

Each module comes with an assessment and an electronic certificate. Supervisors access Excel-based reports on who has trained and more importantly who has not trained with more reporting capability available. Companies can customize the assessments and the certificates to meet specific training needs.

Companies may upload an unlimited amount of company policies and any third party training modules of which they have ownership rights. Company polices may be linked to the training module so that a trainee has to read and acknowledge his company's policy before receiving his certificate.

We have several plans available at different price points. One of our most popular plans is a "Netflix"-like subscription service which gives unlimited access to the entire library plus immediate access to new courses as they are published. To make it easy a simple for a company's budget, we offer fixed per student pricing, and we invoice only once a year based on the number of trainees at the time of the invoice which takes into account the normal ebb and flow of hiring. Trainees begin training as soon as they are hired but are not paid for until the next invoice date. Some trainees may receive a year of FREE training!

We have companies of all sizes who are using our LMS and/or our content including: Ingram Barge Line, Genesis Marine LLC, Enterprise Marine, Buffalo Marine, Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel, Wood Towing, Harbor Towing and Fleeting, Progressive Barge Line, and Chem Carriers.

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