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The Seamen’s Church Institute cares for the personal, professional, and spiritual needs of mariners around the world. Founded in 1834, it is the largest, most comprehensive mariners’ service agency in North America.

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May I introduce Lisa Nally to you?

Lisa has been given the job of Operations / Customer Service Manager. This change occurred after Troy suffered an episode with the ticker (heart that is), and found it necessary (and was ordered by the Doctor) to “slow down”. (fat chance)

I’m certain you will like Lisa. She is a real go-getter and her “people IQ” is very high. Lisa worked as Online Training manager for Kirby Marine, and did an outstanding job. Our files are bulging with letters of appreciation from the customers whom she called on, and I’m confident that you will also approve of her—she knows our products and is looking forward to getting to know our customers. READ MORE

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Industry Forum Day
by Admin User - Monday, 11 November 2013, 12:16 PM

Remember to promote the goal of ZERO Incidents through Training, Competency Assessment and Continuous Improvement. 

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Welcome to 2013 SCI E-Learning
by Admin User - Monday, 14 January 2013, 07:58 AM
With the start of 2013, users are reminded to begin their course renewals to maintain their annual compliance records.  For questions, check with your security and safety officers to determine exactly which courses are required on an annual basis.  Thank you for using the Seamens Church E-Learning page.

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We Recommend the Firefox Browser to Use for Your Training Browser.


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The absolute fix for Internet Explorer issues is to change the Browser you use for training. Microsoft does not adhere to standards as other folks do. This is because when they upgrade the MicroSoft Operating System (OS) or Internet Explorer (IE) i.e. (WIN 7/Win 8; IE 9 etc) it is written for their software with little concern for users which use standards as we do for training delivery. We have had to do a number of patches every time Microsoft decides to change their OS or IE and it is our fear one day we will not be able to develop a "patch".

We recommend you Download and Install the Firefox Browser to use for your launching of the training system. We have a user with more than 700 CPUs who installed the Firefox browser and indicates not only that the course freeze problem has gone away but the training system works better and faster.