What are the KEY benefits of online delivery of training?
by Master Admin - Thursday, 25 August 2011, 06:08 AM

Safety training is a key element in the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and death. When educated on safety procedures, employees will know how prevent an incident in the workplace by properly operating machinery and doing job tasks, and will also learn how to recognize and respond quickly if presented with a dangerous situation.

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Safety Training Benefits

The benefits of safety training range from reducing insurance costs to saving lives. If you understand safety and learn about it, you can then work without injuring yourself or anybody around you. Whether you work construction, in the health field or are an electrical repairperson, you need to understand the safety issues about your job.

The first and most important benefit of safety training is to save lives, prevent injury. It is the right thing to do.

The second reason for safety is to save insurance costs for the employers. If you provide assurance that your company does indeed practice safety in the workplace, insurance costs could result in a savings that is passed on to the employer as well as the employee.  Nobody receives immunity where safety is concerned. Everyone has to participate in the safety program

The third reason for safety training is it is the law and your proof of compliance is required.

Online Training Benefits

Save Time

Since students can take our online classes from any computer with high-speed internet access, there is no travel time. Our online courses also eliminate wasted time conducting tasks that do not apply to them.

Save Money

We already know that "time is money" and by saving time, we save money. But, also, when the training costs are 10% of what classroom training can cost, the savings really add up.

Need a Break...Take a Break

Users will have up to 365 days to finish longer online training program courses. And, since students can log on any hour of the day, this allows them to break up the course into smaller sections, letting them work at their own pace and minimizing the impact on their day-to-day routine.

Get a Certificate Now

For most courses, immediately upon completing all course requirements, users are able to save, download and print their certificate of completion. This is especially convenient when they need to get back to the jobsite or are required to present proof of training to an operator or report to a third party clearing house such as ISNetworld, PICs etc.

No Distractions

By taking the course online, students don't have to listen to questions and discussion from other students that have nothing to do with how the training applies to them. As a result, they will be able to focus on how the training relates to their job and there will still be a forum for asking questions that they may have.

Updated Training

Taking training online will ensure that students are accessing the latest and most up to date information. Online training program courses are updated regularly and our refresher training is updated at least annually. This means students will not see the same training year after year.

No Cancellations

No more signing up for classes and waiting to take them, just to have them cancelled at the last minute. Online classes are done on the student's schedule, and the student has complete control over where and when they take them.