What is the cost to deliver an online training course to a trainee?
by Master Admin - Saturday, 14 April 2012, 02:48 AM

Many firms charge from $10 to $29 per course for online safety training... In fact, many of our competitors charge more for a single course than we charge for a single trainee taking all our courses!

So, why do firms pay the high price...BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO... (High Price = Quality) and MANY SERVICE PROVDERS appear to offer similar prices... so during your research it  appears to be a fair price...

DO NOT THINK we are cheap…just fair. In fact, new clients train before we request payment to make sure they are satisfied with the training courses and service. 

In addition, we share as much of our knowledge about our products as you are willing to learn, from editing our courses to creating your own courses.


We know an informed client will make the best determination of, “What is a fair price” and will be a client for years ...