Compliance Costs per Employee
by Master Admin - Monday, 26 December 2016, 05:55 PM

AVERAGE COMPLIANCE COSTS PER EMPLOYEE - $610.00... {Read More} Our Price $69.00 per employee!



WEB Based-

PREMIUM Plus Training: STARTS at $69.00 Per Employee per year (50 Employee minimum)

Company Branded Hosted WEB Based Training You train for $69.00 per year per trainee (25 trainee minimum); with the trainees having the ability train on over 400+ course modules (80+ Test-Out Courses) and the ability to repeat any course as many times as needed. NO PER SESSION CHARGES, FULL REPORTING & SITE CONTROL-CREATE & ADD YOUR OWN OR THIRD PARTY COURSES! CBT/Classroom product included with Hosted Service for remote locations without internet access.

• Branded with Your Company Logo and Customize Look and Feel to Your Company.
• Your Site is Not Shared...In other words you have Your Own Unique Site and Database
• Online Delivery / Tracking / Reporting Software and Courses provided
• Completed training report with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incompleted training by trainee and trainee supervisor NOW- Includes an ISNetworld report for your TRAV training upload!
• Trainee "Quick Report" with completed training with scores.
• Trainee Site Use and Administrator training provided online
• No IT Involvement or Resources needed
• Quick Turnaround on Sites, 3-5 days and You are Training
• Access Anytime, Anywhere
• Purchase with NO PER SESSION CHARGES - FIRST to Offer FIXED COST per TRAINEE with unlimited training on all courses!
• Low Price per year per employee, not session. Value-priced, based on the number of employees being trained, not the number of completed courses. The more you train, the more cost-effective the training becomes.
• Unlimited Use of ALL 300+ Course Modules, NO PER SESSION CHARGES [Course Example to View - Lockout Tagout ]
• Challenge Tests available the Topic Courses for Topic Testout
• You Have Complete Site Control
• Add Your Own Content, Create Your Own Courses or Use Third Party Courses with no Delivery Charge Add-0n
• Ability to take our course templates and customize to your company work and site specific content - NEW ...Track Third party and classroom training in LMS database!


Safety training is not only vital to your employees well being but also to your company's. CDP features ready to use, web based training sessions prepared by our team in the SCORM / HTML5 format ready for installation. With more than 30 years’ expertise in assisting companies with their compliance and training needs, the CDP team has assembled a collection of training topics critical to every Price per course with unlimited training and with templates for your edits (EDITS-HOW? Click Here). Used by firms with various LMS Platforms including: SABA, SubTotal, RISC VTA, Maxit plus many more.

Unlimited user training

Our Managed Code LMS included

Includes 95+ core HSE courses

Fully modifiable course templates

Integrated Reporting, tracking / delivery

Free installation (SiteGround Server only)