CDP adds MOBILE Learning (MLE)
by Master Admin - Sunday, 3 June 2012, 12:11 AM


MOBILE eLearning


So what does this mean for Mobile Learning? It certainly changes the technology landscape for what's possible question. Corporations have already committed to the Blackberry, and many of those same companies are testing or preparing to implement iPods for their employees as learning devices. So, for the same price you can now get a device that can handle both AND THEN SOME!

Will corporations make the switch? I highly doubt it. PCs are simply too entrenched in the large corporate cultures. But the rest of us should take a serious look...small business, and even midsize companies.


WE NOW HAVE A WORKING DEMO FOR MOBILE eLEARNING – give us a call for the demo information.

Click (or tap) here to see how the SafetyPoints MLE works...