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Create or Curate

Create or Curate?

Welcome to SafeWorkday SafetyPoints! If you want to stop wasting valuable time searching online for safety training and meeting topics, improve OSHA incidence rates to lower insurance premiums, or even if you just want to help crews and managers understand the importance of safety and reduce the number of safety violations then you need Safeworkday SafetyPoints!

Here's why... Because in today's competitive market, having a poor safety program can mean the difference between winning the contract or losing the deal. The HSE CORE are editable course templates to make training company and work specific... use templates with Articulate Presenter, Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring and many other course development software tools.
Companies struggle with building, acquiring and managing their content assets. SafeWorkday SafetyPoints uniquely provides “Content as a Purchase” (CaaP) which removes the burden of online content management, reduces costs, increases training efficiency and greatly improves user experience. By reducing overhead and infrastructure administration, organizations realize substantial cost savings and ensure faster, more reliable content delivery. Much more than just content, CaaP provides the RAW materials to build your own, deliver our off-the-shelf to start training with the ability to have continual improvement for site and work specific content. CaaP enables you to focus on what matters--- the quality and effectiveness of your training.

Content Creation is the process of creating your own content from scratch and marketing it to your followers or subscribers. Content Curation is the process of gathering existing information like blogs, social media posts or, ebooks relevant to a particular topic and sharing it with your brand's followers

Content curation allows Instructional Designers to use existing material while putting their spin on it to give learners added value. Content curation is the scrapbooker's approach to eLearning design.

Classroom & eLearning Best Practice: Curate Instead Of Create Content
Why curating existing content is the best strategy for creating courses? Large and small organizations are facing a constant demand for information and actionable knowledge to meet training compliance goals. The benefits of leveraging existing resources are.

Curate Instead Of Create Content: 3 Starting Points

Large and small organizations are facing a constant demand for information and actionable knowledge to meet business goals and demonstrate the impact of the performance.

Given the surge of crunching employee numbers with a demand to do more with less (less time, fewer resources, less guidance), Learning and Development (L&D) is placed in a unique situation to build on existing human and knowledge resources in order to meet training needs. This calls for a well-crafted knowledge sharing strategy because the collective wisdom of a group operates faster and more efficiently than that of an individual.

How do we enable employees to share knowledge while embracing eLearning best practices?

This article offers 3 actionable starting points to have your employees start creating content, often faster than any L&D function is able to because they are not held back by creating pixel perfect designed courses.

1. Enable Curation - Build On Existing Presentation Decks

The first step would be to leverage existing content. According to statistics, there are more than 120 million presentations created in education and business environments. That’s a lot of unprocessed knowledge!

This surplus amount of PowerPoint decks sitting in computers everywhere can be a potential starting point for your training content. You can save a hell of a lot of time by curating what’s already out there instead of creating content from scratch. Think about it as recycling, this is the eco-friendly learning technique. Here are a few tips:

Encourage the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to think of some of the prominent learning needs in their respective teams and ask them to map the presentations with these needs in mind.

It is time to embrace speed over pixel-perfect content, think of using reusable templates which can be repurposed to fit other training needs.

2. Guide Subject Matter Experts To Craft – Creating Learning Resources Is Easy If You Hand Them The Right Tools

By pre-choosing themes/templates, half of your job of outlining the content is already done, allowing you to focus on internal modifications so that the content is understandable to the target audience. For instance, using the Learning courses and templates from SafeWorkday SafetyPoints reduces your job of defining the learning objectives, or you can choose from a multiple selection of content options to shape the resource.

Be smart and opt for one of the instructional sound re-usable templates offered by SafeWorkday SafetyPoints.

If it still sounds easier said than done, we strongly recommend L&D functions to constantly guide SMEs on best practices; like the best ways to engage the population, they are trying to reach or give them advice on how to fit everything together for a training plan on big programs, etc.

This could also mean, lots of Instructional Designers get an additional role within organizations; instead of creating courses, Instructional Designers will also have a coaching role by helping subject matter experts to be as instructional sound as possible.

3. Provide SMEs Guidance To Enhance The Instructional Value Of Curated Content

Finally, encourage SMEs to continue knowledge-sharing behavior by providing useful resources on turning SafeWorkday SafetyPoints PowerPoints and/or modiflying Articulate presentations into work and company specific eLearning content.

SafetyPoints PowerPoints Customizable Courseware bridges the time, money, and resource gap between classroom, eLearning templates and custom course development.

We offer a growing catalog of pre-built courses that span many different topics for safety and compliance with full ownership with no hidden charges and a 100% guarantee.

Courses are built in popular tools and include the source files needed to customize to your safety and compliance training needs. Choose some—or all—of the modules in our catalog to create your perfect program.