Is your package already accredited for SafeLandUSA?
by Master Admin - Thursday, 25 August 2011, 04:04 AM

No, but many firms have used the package to acquire accreditation. The package contains all the elements necessary for accreditation but you are required to get accreditation for your firm.

The system organizes the materials in a menu for the efficient delivery of classroom training when you need it. Documentation for accreditation, delivery software and package use included.

cdp cannot be held responsible for issues unrelated to the package, such as trainer qualifications, training audit etc.

With the Package you can apply for 4 Accreditations through the IADC:

  1. SafeLandUSA
  2. SafeGulf
  3. RigPass – Land Based
  4. RigPass -Offshore


0001 P01 General Safety

0001 P02 PPE

0001 P03 Hazard Communication/Handling.

0001 P04 Occupational Health

0001 P05 Specialized Work Procedures

0001 P06 Fire Safety

0001 P07 Materials Handling

0001 P08 Health and First Aid

0001 P09 Rig Platform Environment

0001 P10 Emergency Response

0001 P11 Well-site Environment

0001 P12 Excavation Trenching Shoring

0001 P13 Pits and Ponds

0001 P14 Offshore Endorsement

Bonus - Issue an Awareness Level Training Certificate for 48 HSE Topics whe a student completes the training to cover anunal OSHA training.