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Developing Your Safety Program is as Easy as 1 & 2!

ProgramOne, when it comes to developing a formal safety plan...chill. To get you started, Frank Crystal with the help of clients has done all the work for you! This Safety Program's carefully crafted template in Microsoft Word for download gives you the ability to develop a customized written safety plan in minutes. This carefully developed tool  has detailed plans for 60 specific safety procedures—from general rules to surface and subsurface safety systems. Developing a formal written safety plan doesn't have to be an overwhelming task....And, it's yours...FREE!

Step One Downloads:

A comprehensive safety manual from A to Z, 1400 pages, for your use in WORD. [Site Disclaimer Applies] 

FormatsSafety Manual in Word with Excel Documentation Forms>

A Pipeline Operators Procedures Manual to help you get started, in WORD.[Site Disclaimer Applies] 

Two, Frank Crystal is committed to providing you with safety training solutions  to augment your written program to keep you in compliance. Frank Crystal training options are reliable, effective, and are FREE to our clients. The products are designed to meet the needs of firms, large or small with content which is clear, concise, and easy to customize to your business.



Video, CBT & elearning Production Services provided by our Alliance Partner CDP, Inc.


Video Production Services

Whether credit card sized promotional videos to hand out at your tradeshow, videos for training or full production videos for distribution to potential customers, CDP  will help guide you on script ideas and general tips to produce exciting videos that help you train or sell. We can also convert your production to many Web-ready video formats that can be uploaded directly to your website and downloaded quickly.

CDP is a high tech video production team which will produce... 

  • documentary and information videos
  • safety & technical training videos
  • company promotion
  • 1/2 day to multi-year projects
  • broadcast quality camerawork
  • expert editing
  • solid research and writing
  • everything you need for state-of-the-art video
  • High Definition

Video Production Process>

Equipment & Capabilities>

CBT & e-Learning Development Services

RapidCDP's collaborative rapid eLearning team is leading the evolution of rapid  elearning. Leading companies around the world have capitalized on our rapid  eLearning services. Rapid e-learning is emerging as the fastest-growing category of online training. It is generally defined as Web-based training that can be created in days and/or weeks and is typically authored with the assistance of our client's subject-matter experts (SMEs). Rapid elearning projects account for more than one-third of our current training-related projects and likely will comprise half of all elearning initiatives within the next three years.

Instructional design models: ADDIE process.Perhaps the most common model used for creating instructional materials is the ADDIE Process. This acronym stands for the 5 phases contained in the model:

  • Analyze – analyze learner characteristics, task to be learned, etc.
  • Design – develop learning objectives, choose an instructional approach
  • Develop – create instructional or training materials
  • Implement – deliver or distribute the instructional materials
  • Evaluate – make sure the materials achieved the desired goals

Most of the current instructional design models are variations of the ADDIE process.

Rapid prototyping: A sometimes utilized adaptation to the ADDIE model is in a practice known as rapid prototyping.

Proponents suggest that through an iterative process the verification of the design documents saves time and money by catching problems while they are still easy to fix. This approach is not novel to the design of instruction, but appears in many design-related domains including software design, architecture, transportation planning, product development, message design, user experience design, etc. In fact, some proponents of design prototyping assert that a sophisticated understanding of a problem is incomplete without creating and evaluating some type of prototype, regardless of the analysis rigor that may have been applied up front. In other words, up-front analysis is rarely sufficient to allow one to confidently select an instructional model. For this reason many traditional methods of instructional design are beginning to be seen as incomplete, naive, and even counter-productive. 

eLearning Production Process>

Video & eLearning Work Examples>
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    Your business needs protection beyond your insurance policy. Frank Crystal Risk Control provides essential tools and resources to help. If you’re a customer, we provide you your own Company Branded Feature Rich QHSE training site-

    • Easy to use -  A web-based interface that is extremely intuitive.
    • All in one solution for QHSE Training - Your Unique Branded Hosted online training system comes preloaded with more than 200+ training modules with unlimited training. The comprehensive delivery system has everything you need to build, deliver and track online learning. Use third party content providers or develop and post your own courses with no add-on fees.
    • Rapid development and delivery - With SaaS|T [Software as a Service | Training], you will start using a unique Company Branded web-based training site in a couple of days with a complete QHSE course library with no IT involvement..
    • Affordable - It is part of the insurance plan with unlimited training on all courses. DISCOUNTED COST PER TRAINEE…NO PER SESSION CHARGES!
    • Scalable - With SaaS|T you can deliver content to one organization, or hundreds with completely separate, branded training portals for each.
    • No hidden costs - With SaaS|T , there are no setup or implementation fees, no additional support costs, no surprises.
    • Free Support - With a real person...not a digital contact. 

    WorldwideYou have your own Company Branded WEB Based Training which CDP hosts on its servers… Discover the easy-to-use on-line training system loaded with courses used by operators such Chevron, BP, HighmountEP , Marathon, Adams Resources to train their own employees, and by contractors to fill both operator and compliance training requirements , worldwide.

    The SaaS|T (Software as a Service| Training ) is an easy to use Learning Content Management System (LCMS) which allows users to build, import, assemble, deliver, and track training content and events, in an all-in-one online system which includes 200+ QHSE courses [Course List] and multiple training packages

    So, is the training any good?

    Course Preview: Click on the links below to view course examples.

  • Lockout Tagout file
  • Eye Safety file
  • Blood borne Pathogens file
  • Customer Learning Sites Resource

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Frank Crystal

Risk Management Services

"We believe that true risk management is about more than simply placing insurance policies. In addition to our Personal Insurance solutions we can assist with the coordination of a broad range of services designed to lessen the likelihood of a loss and simplify the claims settlements."

Michael H Smith ARM RHU 800.528.2250



To make available comprehensive and cost effective online HSE training to middle market companies previously only affordable to Fortune 500 firms.

Loss control and safety training are everyday activities at Fortune 500 employers that keep a close eye on their workers compensation and liability costs. Full-time risk managers and training officers build and execute programs that are designed to reduce dangerous incidents and the resulting claims costs.

But at companies with 1,000 or fewer employees, risk management is often a part-time job and safety training a difficult and expensive proposition—even though executives know they need to comply with state and federal regulations and reduce insurance premiums with good loss control.

Where can they get help? Many turn to their independent agents and brokers who are now able to offer them online safety training services previously available only to Fortune 500 companies.

Our philosophy is to help our clients reduce their total cost of risk through comprehensive risk control techniques. We look for highly motivated clients open to new ideas to reducing their number of incidents and the resulting claims.

However, small companies may not have a full-time safety trainer or may not be able to gather employees in diverse locations to conduct workshops about safety skills, he explains, describing the need for Web-based training programs.

The online training programs allow these employers to deliver the training to their employees, where they are, without disrupting their workflow.

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