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Important Message

If you completed any training between January 2015 and April 2015, your certificates have not disappeared. Due to a site upgrade for better use, your records are available at

You use your same username and password to log in. This is a mirror site so you can pull your previous certificates, but you cannot continue training on it.

This will only be an inconvenience this year due to the upgrade in the middle of the year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


1. Login using your username / password

2. Take ALL the courses which appear on the Front Page.

To see which courses you have completed (Requires Course Certificate);

a. Double click "My Courses [Scores will appear for completed courses] "or"

b. Click the "Exception Report" link

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Your Training Status

1. Upon enrollment into courses your Login issues a report of your "Complete and Incomplete training" is listed in sidebar.

2. You may Click on "Exceptions Report" link to see a separate page with a list of complete and incomplete training.

(BOTH Options Requires Certificate Issue Upon Course Completion).
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