Safety Briefs® Micro-Learning Training Presentations
  • Safety Briefs® Micro-Learning Training Presentations

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    Micro-learning content is delivered in small, easily digested “bites” designed to increase learner retention, engagement and performance. Success depends on how it’s integrated into the overall learning strategy.

    Most L&D professionals agree that micro-learning — when done right — provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement, and improves overall workplace performance. Most of all, it enables employees in new roles to become productive on the job sooner.

    Recent research shows that 41% of organizations have micro-learning as a training priority and only 19% understand that the design and development of micro-learning is key to success.

    A best practice is to not use micro-learning as a stand-alone learning vehicle, but rather as a supplemental component to reinforce critical pieces of information. Micro-learning requires thoughtfulness in how it’s strategically integrated to ensure success.