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ATS Training Systems (ATS)
An Interactive Classroom HSE Training Library you own!

SafetyPoints® Courses & Packages 

200+ Safety PowerPoint® courses including Training Packages

The SafetyPoints® HSE CORE are editable PowerPoints® for you to make company and work specific training... for the classroom. It comes in an easy to edit PowerPoint© training programs with quizzes in Word plus documentation.

Using these for your in-house program provides you with greater training flexibility- saving time and money. These High Quality professionally built programs are the same used by multiple firms, worldwide for OSHA, Federal State compliance and operator required contactor training and reporting (Avetta, PEC, ISN RAVS, Veriforce ComplyWorks, Cognibox, Browz)

200+ Individual course titles
-Hazard Awarness-14 Module
-HazWoper 8 HR-10 Modules
-Hydrogen Sulfide
-OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, ANSI Z390.1
-RigPass| Safeland-14 Modules
Same program used by multiple firms to achieve accreditation through the IADC for In-House RigPass and/or Safeland USA program... Including KEANE, Patterson UTI, Lofton Staffing-Energy, CJ Energy and many more. Use to get started or update your current RP/SL program. Most recent accreditation YR 2019.
-OSHA 10 HR | Security & 100s More
and more...

SafetyPoints® Training

90+ Safety Games
Safety training is not the highlight of most people's work week but having a team that is familiar with your safety procedures is critical when it comes to staying clear of Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations and minimizing hazards to your employees. In fact, it could even save someone's life.

That's why safety team-building games can provide a great way to help reinforce this important knowledge in a fun way that won't result in a bunch of eye rolls and blank stares.

The Safety Arcade is a library of fun, mobile-ready, casual games ice-breakers covering safety topics that can be rapidly deployed to reinforce training and improve learning outcomes. No programing skills are necessary. Use our in the classroom or to share online.

The games can be used for stand-alone playback (1), playback on multiple CPUs on your network (2) or online placed on your server (3). Network and online playback is accomplished by copying the Games Folder from the USB to a location (path for network | URL address on server) and linking to the index.html in each game title folder. You can also create a MENU page with the game name which links to that game index.html file for group organization for playback 

SafetyPoints® Safety Briefs®

50+ SafetyBriefs®

Micro-learning content is delivered in small, easily digested “bites” designed to increase learner retention, engagement and performance. Most Learning & Development (L&D) professionals agree that micro-learning — when done right — provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement, and improves overall workplace performance. Most of all, it enables employees in new roles to become productive on the job sooner.

A best practice is to not use micro-learning as a stand-alone learning vehicle, but rather as a supplemental component to reinforce critical pieces of information. Micro-learning requires thoughtfulness in how it’s strategically integrated to ensure success. Micro-learning content is delivered in small, easily digested “bites” designed to increase learner retention, engagement and performance. Success depends on how it’s integrated into the overall learning strategy. Most L&D professionals agree that micro-learning — when done right — provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement, and improves overall workplace performance.

Most of all, it enables employees in new roles to become productive on the job sooner. Micro-learning requires thought in how it’s strategically integrated to ensure success. 


Outreach Training Program (OSHA 10-Hour & 30-Hour Cards) Get Trained or Become a Trainer -The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides workers with basic and more advanced training about common safety and health hazards on the job. 
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Become a PEC instructor - PEC Safety is the world leader in safety orientations for industry. As a PEC Authorized Trainer, you will have access to the most requested and well-respected training in the business. Authorized PEC Instructors have access 24/7 to up to date course materials and a library of Safety Meetings and other instructional support tools. Since 1993, PEC Safety has been synonymous with excellence in standardized training programs designed to keep workers safe.
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IADC Accreditation - For 25 years, IADC’s accreditation programs have helped guide companies in their efforts to ensure quality and consistency of training content and adherence to relevant industry standards. IADC’s RigPass® program (SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf endorsements) is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.
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Included Titles & Versions

Accident Investigation^^
Access to Medical Records^^
Aerial Lifts^^
Anhydrous Ammonia Safety
Back Safety^^
Basic Rules & Policies^^
Battery Safety 
Behavioral Based Safety^^ 
Blood borne Pathogens^^
Carcinogens ^^
Carbon Dioxide 
Cargo Securement
Caustic Soda
Chain Saw Safety
Chemical Safety^^
Chemical Storage^^
Chromium ^^
Cold Weather^^ 
Confined Space^^
Conflict Resolution^^ 
Crane Safety^^
DOT Security P1/P2^^ 
Driving Safety^^ 
Driving Skills^^ 
Drug & Alcohol^^
Electrical Safety^^
Elevated Walking and Working^^ 
Emergency Planning^^ 
Emergency Response^^
Employee Safety Orientation^^ 
Environmental Awareness^^ 
Excavation Trenching & Shoring^^ 
Eye Safety ^^
Fall Prevention^^
Fire Prevention & Safety^^ 
Fire Extinguishers^^
Fire Warden^^
First Aid^^ 
Forklift - Classroom^^  


Flammables Combustibles^^
Flash Arc NFPA 70E^^
Gas Cylinders 
Gas Hazards 
Hand & Power Tool 
Hand, Wrist & Finger^^
Hazard Recognition^^
Hazard Awarness_14 Modules  
HAZCOM - Right to Know^^ 
Hazwoper 8 HR_10 Modules*  
Hearing Conservation^^
Heat Exhaustion [Stress]^^ 
Hot Work^^ 
How to Avoid Pinch Points^^ 
Hydrogen Sulfide^^
Introduction to OSHA ^^
Introduction to HazWoper ^^
Journey Management
Lab Safety
Land Transportation^^
Leadership Skills 
Lockout TAGOUT^^
Machine Guards^^
Materials Handling  
Mobile Equipment 
Napo_10 Module
Near Miss^^ 
Occupational Health^^
Office Safety^^
OSHA 10 HR Constr. & Gen. Ind.*^^
Pandemic ^^
Portable Tools^^
PPE & You^^
Process Safety Management^^ 
Progressive Discipline 
Portable Tools
Powered Platforms^^ 
Respiratory Safety^^


Return to Work 
RigPass_Safeland_14 Modules*^^  
Risk Assessment
Root Cause^^ 
Safety Attitudes & Actions^^
Safety Health Programs
Safety Housekeeping^^ 
Safety Signs & Tags
Safety Worksite Inspections
Security_28 Modules
Sexual Harassment 
Short Service Employee  
Subcontractor Safety
Supervisors Role in Safety
Silica Frac
Slips Trips Falls^^ 
Spotter Safety 
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work 
Storm Water 
Subcontractor Management  
Train the Trainer
Universal Waste  
Walking Working Surfaces^^
Waste Management 
Welding & Brazing^^
Walking Working Surfaces^^
Waste Management  
Working Alone
Workplace Violence 
Warehouse Safety^^
SafetyPoints Training Games
SafetyPoints Safety Briefs

* These packages are used by many firms to obtain accrediation to bring the training in-house reducting costs and hassles.

^^TurningPoint Polling Enabled  Versions to be included.

and more...Games... MicroLearning

What's delivered to you...

Content on CDP's ATS USB

200+ Individual editable PowerPoint course titles including -Hazard Awarness-14 Module -HazWoper 8 HR-10 Modules -Hydrogen Sulfide -OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, ANSI Z390.1-RigPass| Safeland-14 Modules - TurningPoint Starter- 18 Modules along with Quizzes in WORD. A Safety Program Manual (IIPP in California) designed to meet the audit requirements of third party auditors such as ISN, Avetta, or BROWZ. The 1600 page manual includes all the Safety Sections required plus 100s of Safety documents in MS WORD /ExCel/PDFs for your use forToolbox Talks, Course Podcasts with documentation and more.

TurningPoint Assessment Tool

TurningPoint is an easy-to-use live polling system with the option to choose between a desktop or web platform. TurningPoint boasts a native PowerPoint integration and enables polling on-the-fly and the delivery of self-paced assessments. TurningPoint polling software allows learners to participate in real time using a keypad or their own mobile, tablet or computer. Our audience response system provides a variety of interactive polling options to meet the unique needs of each and every environment. Includes 10 polling devices, receiver, TurningPoint desktop software download and a subscription to TurningPoint Polling Anywhere. 

TurningPoint Product Training & Support 

Product training and support! 
We’ve got what you need! Access quick start guides, video tutorials, online help and training webinars.

Video Tutorials
Learn about the different facets of TurningPoint desktop that are most important to you.

Build Your Curriculum Training Menu and Share at Multiple Locations.

Use CDP's ATS Content for Inhouse Accreditation

For 25 years, IADC’s accreditation programs have helped guide companies in their efforts to ensure quality and consistency of training content and adherence to relevant industry standards. IADC Accredited providers are held to high quality standards to help ensure that drilling industry personnel are properly prepared to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. RigPass may be reained online, SafeLandUSA classroom only.

Outreach training courses are basic hazard awareness classes for workers delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers. They are not required by OSHA, but some localities and employers require them.

We have assisted firms to obtain accreditations for these programs. Please contact us for how... Click to find if you should bring RigPass/SafeLand in-house>

What's included in your package & FAQs

What’s Included?

Quick Start your safety program with…
400+ courses including Packages, Tests, Employee Handbook, Safety Manual, Sample Training Matrix, Training Tracking, reporting, TurningPoint polling software and 10 polling devices, receiver, software download, one year subscription to TurningPoint WEB and much more!
Courses & Packages 
200+ SafetyPoints® PowerPoint® courses including Training Packages including a set developed in the TurningPoint delivery system.
SafetyPoints® Training Games
90+ Safety Games
SafetyPoints® Safety Briefs®
50+ Safety Briefs®
TurningPoint Enabled SafetyPoints® Courseware 
83 Safety Courses
OSHA Construction and General Industry 10 HR Programs
RigPass and SafeLandUSA Programs

A Safety Program Manual (MS Word) (IIPP in California) designed to meet the audit requirements of ISN, Avetta, or BROWZ. The 1600-page manual includes all the Safety Sections required by the Audit Company, a comprehensive Employee Safety Handbook (MS WORD), plus 100s of Safety videos and safety documents of use in MS WORD /ExCel/PDFs for your use including Toolbox Talks and more! 

Making compliance simple and fun with polling delivery! TurningPoint makes it easy to track employee performance and turn even mandatory trainings into enjoyable learning experiences with free polling software. With TurningPoint desktop, content and polling data are self-contained to either your receiver or computer. Poll in PowerPoint, over top of any application or deliver self-paced assessments. 

What if I need additional Clickers (polling devices)? 

You can purchase additional Clickers (polling devices) for:

$35 ea. for 1-50

$33 ea. for 51-100

$30 ea. for 100-200

$25 ea. for 200+

After your TurningPoint WEB 1yr subscription expires?

Your first year subscription and 10 clickers (polling devices) are included in the package's price. This allows you to "kick the tires and drive the training vehicle"... to assure you of training value. The training data and accomplishments gathered gives you what you need to compute your actual ROI (return on investment) in which to justifly additional clicker (polling device), ATS content USB purchases and subscription renewal. The "proof in the pudding".

After your first year an additional year renewal is  $30 per year per clicker. (polling device)

A 3 year subscription is $80 per clicker.(polling device)

*Volume discounts may apply

What would it cost me to develop these programs?

Level I - Basic Presentation. The courseware development in that of Level I lessons which are linear (one idea after another), and are used primarily for introducing an idea or concept (Awareness training). There is little interaction, other than the student (or trainer) touching the screen or using a keystroke or mouse click to continue and the use of supplied quizzes (MS Word) for training validation and documentation. The media used are topic information text and graphics using PowerPoint as the development tool for ease of customization and keeping courseware evergreen.

These also serve as the core content for conversion to higher levels of development(Level II,III) using tools such as Articulate 360, ISpring, Lectora, Camtasia etc. Estimated Average Cost per Hour Of Instruction: $1,900.00 to $2,170.00*.

Being conservative and giving a development cost of $1,000.00 each; the price to develop the entire package would be in excess of $185,000.00 plus thousands of hours of work!

*Source Information: Click Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design
Interactive Courseware (ICW) Development Costs for Multimedia and Computer Based Training (CBT): (U.S. Navy Estimate - Klein, Mallory, Safstrom)

Why do we do it?
WE ARE SAFETY FOLKS...and by request...we know how hard it is to get funds for quality safety tools and programs. These courses are used by our clients, many for 30+ years generating revenues recovering costs reducing our investment. We pass savings to safety folks with a proven ROI (Return on Investment), recovering as much as $1,900+ per course of training development costs, with a 100% guarantee! It's a WIN-WIN. 

Can we train without using the TurningPoint Systems?

Of course...instructions and documentation is included for this "How to" on your CDP ATS USB.

"Get Real" message from the publisher....

Hi...Troy here...I just wanted you to know the, "After the Get real apifiny test, (then came the epiphany)" for this product and pricing...

After 30 years of developing 1000s of safety courses and delivering hundreds of thousands training sessions worldwide ...and having a reasonable reputation ...ode to "Get'er done", I was approached by a number of acquistion suitors which as part of their pitch was to tell me how big they could grow "our method" in just 10 yrs or so.... I thought to myself, having a... "get busy living or get busy dying -Shawshank Redemption moment" 10 years I'll more than likely be 6 feet under...then they enshrouded me with the "your legacy" pitch...then I thought , "How many people know who "that old man" that died years ago... "whose name is on that building was anyway?"

Hmm... a proposal for a legacy, lets share one, together we teach more folks to "Have a SafeWorkday, everyday"... then we will save lives, prevent injuries and keep firms in business.Think of it, we may saved the life of the person or parent of the one who does great things... 

If you were to develop all the content on the SafetyPoints ATS USB it would cost you multiple 100s of thousands of dollars, years of time and tons of opportunity costs. Purchasing a comparable product from third-party providers is cost prohibitive... All the while... Dads/Moms/Brothers, Sisters and someone's children are getting injured, killed, or the firm were they work is put out of business.

So, get this comprehensive HSE training package at a price any firm or person can afford with the understanding it can do a lot for your employees and your firm or every link and folder...all the materials... many are presentations which we charged 10 of 1000s to develop and present to a company's "use all of the product to get the full value"...the product is designed for you to start training today and take forward... editing with work and site specific revisions for Continual Improvement...with 90+ % of all you need for your safety department training!  


PS: Thanks for listening to an old safety man's rambling... have a SafeWorkday.

Package Price - $3,798.99 
less than $10 per Course!
plus S&H and sales tax if required 

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