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Cloud SaaS Service Starting at $5.75 per Trainee per month 

Includes Learning Management System (LMS),
400+ Courses.
Free Setup / Support & much more!

Save Time & Money With CDP's Safeworkday SafetyPoints Training Software

With CDP's Safeworkday SafetyPoints Training Software as a Service (T-SaaS), you can afford to train; a Department, a Division or an entire company from the Cloud. Benefits includes a low cost, [90.8% Cost Savings! ] zero infrastructure, and scalability from small teams to thousands of simultaneous users. Online Delivery / Tracking / Reporting Software and 400+ Modules provided complete training reports with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incomplete training.[Features Brochure] Course editing available for company and site specific content.

Why Is Our System Better?
Designed by Safety Folks for Safety Folks..

Included Titles

Accident Investigation
Access to Medical Records
Aerial Lifts
Back Safety
Basic Rules & Policies
Battery Safety 
Behavioral Based Safety 
Blood borne Pathogens
Carbon Dioxide
Cargo Securement
Caustic Soda
Chain Saw Safety
Chemical Safety
Chemical Storage
Cold Weather 
Confined Space
Conflict Resolution 
Crane Safety
Driving Safety 
Driving Skills 
Drug & Alcohol
Electrical Safety
Elevated Walking and Working 
Emergency Plan 
Emergency Response
Employee Safety Orientation 
Environmental Awareness 
Excavation Trenching & Shoring 
Eye Safety 
Fall Prevention
Fire Prevention & Safety 
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Warden
First Aid 
Forklift - Classroom  

Awareness Training & Compliance

Flammables Combustibles
Flash Arc NFPA 70E
Gas Cylinders
Gas Hazards
Hand & Power Tool 
Hand, Wrist & Finger
Hazard Recognition
Hazard Awarness_14 Modules  
HAZCOM - Right to Know 
Hazwoper 8 HR_10 Modules  
Hearing Conservation
Heat Exhaustion [Stress] 
Hot Work 
How to Avoid Pinch Points 
Hydrogen Sulfide
Introduction to OSHA 
Introduction to HazWoper 
Journey Management 
Lab Safety
Land Transportation
Leadership Skills 
Lockout TAGOUT
Machine Guards 
Mobile Equipment
Napo_10 Module
Near Miss 
Occupational Health
Office Safety
OSHA 10 HR Construction & Gen. Ind.
PPE & You
Process Safety Management 
Progressive Discipline
Portable Tools
Powered Platforms
Respiratory Safety

Awareness Training & Compliance

Return to Work
RigPass_Safeland_14 Modules  
Risk Assessment
Root Cause 
Safety Attitudes & Actions
Safety Health Programs 
Safety Housekeeping 
Safety Signs & Tags
Safety Worksite Inspections
Security_28 Modules
Sexual Harassment 
Short Service Employee 
Subcontractor Safety
Supervisors Role in Safety
Silica Frac
Slips Trips Falls 
Spotter Safety 
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work 
Storm Water
Subcontractor Management 
Train the Trainer
Universal Waste 
Walking Working Surfaces  
Welding & Brazing
Walking Working Surfaces
Waste Management 
Working Alone
Workplace Violence 
Warehouse Safety

SafetyPoints Training Games

SafetyPoints Safety Briefs


Awareness Training & Compliance

Use CDP Content for Inhouse Accreditation

For 25 years, IADC’s accreditation programs have helped guide companies in their efforts to ensure quality and consistency of training content and adherence to relevant industry standards. IADC Accredited providers are held to high quality standards to help ensure that drilling industry personnel are properly prepared to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. RigPass may be reained online, SafeLandUSA classroom only.

Outreach training courses are basic hazard awareness classes for workers delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers. They are not required by OSHA, but some localities and employers require them.

We have assisted firms to obtain accreditations for these programs. Please contact us for how... Click to find if you should bring RigPass/SafeLand in-house>

What would it cost you to develop these programs and acguire your own Learning Management System for online delivery?

Level I - Basic Presentation.
The courseware development in that of Level I lessons which are linear (one idea after another), and are used primarily for introducing an idea or concept (Awareness training). There is little interaction, other than the student (or trainer) touching the screen or using a keystroke or mouse click to continue and the use of supplied quizzes (MS Word) for training validation and documentation. The media used are topic information text and graphics using PowerPoint as the development tool for ease of customization and keeping courseware evergreen.

These also serve as the core content for conversion to higher levels of development(Level II,III) using tools such as Articulate 360, ISpring, Lectora, Camtasia etc. Estimated Average Cost per Hour Of Instruction: $1,900.00 to $2,170.00*. Level II are the courses on your site we provide.

Being conservative and giving a development cost of $1,000.00 each; the price to develop the entire package would be in excess of $185,000.00 plus thousands of hours of work!

*Source Information: Click Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design 
Interactive Courseware (ICW) Development Costs for Multimedia and Computer Based Training (CBT): (U.S. Navy Estimate - Klein, Mallory, Safstrom)

Learning Management System 
Learning Management Systems Administrator Salaries $68,884/yr. -and we will show you how to acquire the same LMS we use or any FREE LMS availabe. If you want to go this route we can sell you all the courses you need. PS That's SELL..Not own the courseware title and source files for in-house use.

Why do we do it?
WE ARE SAFETY FOLKS...we know how hard it is to get funds for quality safety tools and programs. These courses are used by our clients, many for 20+ years generating revenues recovering costs reducing our investment. We pass savings to safety folks with a proven ROI (Return on Investment), recovering as much as $1,900+ per course of training development costs, with a 100% guarantee! It's a WIN-WIN.

All the Source Files

If desired we can develop Custom Courseware to provides you with everything you would expect from an off-the-shelf training program with one additional and crucial benefit—you get all of the source files, full ownership of the course and we will install it for you. 

Online + Classroom Training

Why limit yourself to just an eLearning course or just an instructor-led package when you could have both?! Get the flexibility to determine how to best deliver your content—online, ILT, or as blended learning.

Created by Expert SMEs

Each course is written by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), professionally instructionally designed, and innovatively developed to provide interactive learning with an amazing visual design.

FAQs, Features & Pricing


Training for Company Compliance, Operator Requirements SaaS-T ...SafetyPoints Safeworkday offers our high quality safety training courses you can afford.

Details: Courseware Content Information for Your LMS

USES: This courses are designed to provide initial training or annual refresher training and covers all of the basics. Graphic images of injuries are used throughout the course.

Includes: Subscribers receive courses which includes their own unique LMS - with site training and free support.

Functionality: Bookmark their exit point Provide a test which will send a mastery score to your system Records Completion.

Q. What are the benefits of subscribing to SafeWorkday T-SaaS?
A. Subscribers receive courses which includes their own unique LMS- with training and free support.

Q. You use Moodle 1.9 version for T-SaaS, Why not the latest version Moodle 3.0+ ?
A. Reason 1: While the latest release Moodle 3.0+ has many additional features, it is also a more resource dependent. Our managed Moodle 1.9 can be easily administered by also anyone and give you the results needed. Moodle 3.1 would require the adding of a dedicated LMS professional to manage and administer or at least one full time employee taking a lot of time learning the system and its best utilization with taking full time to manage. NOTE: This is still a good option as you do not pay a high price for the LMS as it is open-source (FREE) and easily offsets the cost for additional resources... but;

Reason 2: Our purpose is to provide a system which you start training in as little as 5 days, not have to add resources, and have a reasonable cost which anyone with nominal computer skills can manage. Moodle 1.9 with our plug-ins accomplishes this...put simply-save time and money and get the training done!

Again, Moodle 3.0+ is a great program and option but does not currently fit for most of our client needs and the ones that find the need (for 3.0) still need content, which we can provide. If desired we can direct you to a Moodle Partner which can assist in your best use of Moodle 3.0+.

Q. How much does an annual subscription cost?
A. Pricing with unlimited training on all courses per year per seat [trainee].

Q. Can I see any courses without registering or paying something?
A. Yes! Visitors to Demo site are welcome to explore to their heart's content - without any registration or fee. Just follow the instructions on the Home Page. Click for Demo Site

Q. How often is your content updated?
A. The content is updated as needed. Our editors continuously monitor news and regulatory activity.

Q. What are the sources of information contained in your site?
A. Our clients and freelance editors knowledgeable in the occupational safety and health field. These individuals regularly monitor and update the information contained on this site. We also license numerous news and regulations databases that are incorporated directly or indirectly on the site.

Q. What types of payment are acceptable for my subscription? Can I pay by check?
A. You can pay by credit card, check, or purchase order.

Q. I need to get an invoice either as a receipt or so my company can pay by check. Can you help?
A. If you choose the Pay by Check option we will send you a pro-forma invoice by email right away.

Q. Do you have a guarantee?
A. Yes! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 90 days and we will return your money—no questions asked.

Q. How can I evaluate your service before I pay?
A. As a Guest login as instructed on the demo site, you can view the same content as our subscribers can access, only on a much more limited basis. This should give you a very clear idea of the scope and quality of our content.

Q. Can I use the materials for the classroom your material on my site?
A. Yes, with permission is granted with your company site.

Q. Can we contact some of your current clients?
A. Yes, but we want to let them know who will be calling as a professional courtesy.

Additional Questions?
Contact us at
PH 713.305.7648


Notifications | Surveys and Evaluations | Branded Interface | 400 plus courses (Content Catalog) with unlimited use plus much more...

Intuitive and Simple
Everything is where it should be. We believe that your experience with our software shouldn’t involve wasting time figuring out how to use the platform, so we’ve designed for natural navigation

Simple Setup
It’s like this—we do pretty much everything and get right on it. Integrating with other system software and training materials is not a problem. We will guide you down the straightest path and won’t
eave you stranded..

Simple to Support

The SafeWorkday Client Service Team is kind of a big deal around here. We support everything we offer. Our people
want to help and will take care of you, expediently

Tracking & Reporting
Track training in real time, centralize recordkeeping, and be more productive, all while keeping your employees aware
of their progress. Measure success and improvement with testing and custom reporting.

Support Live Training Programs

Whether employees take an on demand course or attend a safety meeting, our safety training systems can track all your training activities with live event tracking.

Upload Your Own Content
Do you have an existing library of assets you want to use? Whether your assets are PDF’s,films, PowerPoint decks, YouTube links or SCORM and AICC content, there’s a place for that material in our safety training systems. We will work with you on integrating assets.

Easily combine training activities into a single curriculum to make tracking completions easier and more organized. Employees receive one certificate of completion for all the training activities. All while tracking the time spent.  


Pricing-Unlimited Training on all courses.
Seats Annual Price > Per Person

25-99 $69.00

100-199 $60.00

200-299 $49.00

300-499 $39.00

500+ Call 

Why Ours?

Informed Decision
For you to make an informed decision in your purchase a Price Comparison Table is provided.

See the REAL savings below!

Comparison - Online Training based on 100 employee taking 10 courses**.
Company Cost per Course/**
Dupont Sustainable Solutions-                 $15.00/$15,000
Pure Safety-                                               $19.95/$19,950
360 Training-                                              $20.00/$20,000
Mastery Technologies-                              $29.95/$29,950
JJ Keller-                                                    $24.95/$24,950
MARCOM-                                                   $24.95/$24,950
Safety Source-                                            $19.00/$19,000
Ryder Safety-                                              $23.40/$23,400
Learn Safety Online-                                  $13.00/ $13,000

Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. SaaS T Pricing

CDP EXAMPLE - Online Training based on 100 employee taking 10 courses

$60.00 per Trainee for ALL COURSES (400+) per Year with Unlimited training on all courses & Training Packages.

Total Cost for year - $6,000.00 ($6.00/course based on above comparison of the use of only 10 courses & you have additional courses which you may train; 400+)

With Your OWN BRANDED Hosted Online System....

** The More You Train...The More You Reduce Your Training Costs!!

Why Pay More to Get Less!

NOTE: Based on course price only - Our Hosted Service does not charge a premium for package training (Construction 10 HR/HazWoper 8 HR etc. which are included in SaaS T Catalog)

Again, the more you train...the more you reduce your training cost!

Client Sites for Review


At CDP, we understand that it's an aggravation to try to compare products when the providers will not tell you their price upfront. Many providers make it very difficult to find out their costs, like they have something to hide or are embarrassed about. Price transparency helps you obtain price information easily, which allows you to make useful comparisons of costs of alternative choices. Price transparency also means that you understand how our prices are set and you are aware of any price discrimination (different prices charged to different customers). In the online HSE training markets you often have difficulty finding useful price information.

CDP is upfront about all prices which are easy to understand and best of all... with no hidden costs.

Safety Training...A Tool for LIFE.

Below are a number of our eLearning user sites. Vist these to get an idea how others use our eLearning.

AET Environmental, Inc.

Exceptional Hazardous Waste Management, Industrial and Environmental Service Since 1993, AET Environmental is a woman owned environmental firm that provides practical and timely solutions to waste management, remediation and compliance challenges for government and commercial clients. This expertise allows clients to focus on their core business, save money, and simplify the burden of ever changing regulatory requirements.

Dianal America Inc.

Dianal began operations in 1992 at its 10-acre manufacturing facility in Pasadena, Texas and currently produces over 70 standard commercial and custom specialty product grades. Dianal America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. (MRC). Mitsubishi Rayon was established in 1933 as a manufacturer of rayon staple. Today, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group has built itself into a leading manufacturer of polymer products, based on two core segments - the MMA (methyl methacrylate) and the AN (acrylonitrile) business complexes.

ECS Refining Terrell TX

We are a full-service recycling and end-of-life services company that can help change the shape of what matters most to you, to our industry, and to the planet. By applying a mixture of physics, science, entrepreneurialism and insight honed from our decades of experience, we have developed a methodology that extracts the maximum value from materials and equipment while minimizing our impact on the environment. This results in no landfill. No processing overseas. Just refining materials to their purest form.

JDR Cable

JDR is a leading provider of custom-designed and manufactured subsea power cables, umbilical systems and reeler packages for a broad range of applications. JDR’s significant portfolio of product design, manufacture and delivery extends throughout the oil and gas sector and the offshore renewables market. JDR's subsea wellhead, production and workover umbilicals are installed and used around the world, with turnkey systems and reeler packages engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for operation in the most challenging of environments. An accomplished track record of meeting client expectations and a commitment to lifecycle customer service makes JDR the offshore energy industry’s global Partner of Choice.

GulfMark Energy

A crude oil marketing and transportation company. With access to 3,800 diverse properties, the company sells more than 2.25 million barrels per month to local and regional refiners.

Lofton Energy Services (IADC RigPass)

For over thirty years, Lofton has built a strong reputation serving Oil & Gas clients in the Gulf Coast region. Lofton's experience in Oil & Gas has given us the expertise to enhance our service offering to this industry. As a result of this focus and Lofton's continued commitment to our clients and their specific needs, we are proud to announce our newest division, Lofton Energy Services.

Lofton Security

Any security service can place an officer at your site, but very few services approach client relationships with the insight, experience and care of Lofton Security Service. Because being “good” just isn't good enough for us.

Lofton Security Service is part of a regional network of Lofton offices in the Gulf South providing staffing services since 1979. Long before we place the officer on the job, we use our vast know-how and resources to thoroughly screen, test, and train security officers who protect your business!

Petro Safety Services LLC

Petro Safety Services [PSS] does not want to be the world’s leading provider of comprehensive safety services. We want to be the Best! ...Bigger is Not Always Better...we focus on the client and their unique needs to accomplish real goals, not promises which never materialize.

Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.- Offshore Division

Powell is a company that is accustomed to change. By any measure, we are not the same as we were yesterday or that we will be tomorrow. We believe in progress, in momentum and in going forward. Throughout our evolution, there is one thing that will always remain the same: the Powell brand of responsiveness. This is our culture, it is here to stay.

State Auto Insurance Online Safety Training

Opensourcesafety offers State Auto-insured customers free access to their library of more than 80 web-based safety training courses. To view a list of available courses, visit the Opensourcesafety web site. You will be required to register and obtain a user ID and password.

Stryker Energy Directional Services, LLC

Established in 2010, Stryker management combines over 100 years of directional drilling experience. Our understanding allows us to provide our customers with the application of some of the most extensive and accurate knowledge in the Directional Drilling Industry. Implementing time-tested and successful techniques from Directional Drilling to Guidance Operations, our company provides the most trustworthy and thorough services in the field.

USReports (Now AFIRM)

We've been successfully serving the commercial insurance industry since 1988 by partnering with our clients to proactively understand and fulfill their needs in all 50 states through a diverse range of products, services and delivery channels. With the best team in the industry, US-Reports and its nearly 1,000 field partners lead the way through service, educational offerings and total quality management systems that combine to deliver the highest standards of accuracy and quality. US-Reports has the expertise and technology to create customized solutions for every situation you may encounter. If you can dream it, we can customize a product to help you achieve it. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, US-Reports will help you get the job done.

Delta of GA
“Delta Electrical, Inc. will maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and fairness in our relationships with customers, professional associates, employees, and suppliers. We are committed to excellence in customer service and providing our employees with training and advancement opportunities.”

Standard Aero
Founded in 1911, StandardAero has become one of the world aerospace industry’s largest independent maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers. Our company’s success is the outgrowth of the synergistic merger of businesses with complementary specialties that have exponentially increased our capabilities and generated unprecedented customer commitment and value.  StandardAero offers extensive MRO services and custom solutions for business aviation, commercial aviation, military and industrial power customers. About 6,000 professional, administrative and technical employees work in 38 major facilities around the world, with additional strategically located regional service and support centers all across the globe. Services include MRO for aircraft and rotorcraft engines, auxiliary power units and components; airframe services including major alterations; FAA authorized avionics capabilities; comprehensive engineering services; and custom exterior and interior design, completion and paint. We provide these capabilities through our network of specialized facilities and mobile service teams.

StandardAero is owned by The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG), a global investment firm with deep industry expertise that deploys private capital across four business segments: Corporate Private Equity, Real Assets, Global Credit and Investment Solutions.With $216 billion of assets under management as of December 31, 2018, Carlyle’s purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of our investors, portfolio companies and the communities in which we live and invest.

AIM Directional Services
AIM Directional Services RigPass
At AIM Directional Services, we constantly strive for, and achieve, performance excellence on your behalf because we have a unique way of doing things – an internal process called AIM Operational Excellence™ – that guides all phases of our operations. Whether we’re recruiting and training personnel, doing data analytics to gain insights that inform operational decision-making, applying quality control to our failure incident modes or developing new tools that challenge and improve upon old drilling techniques, we have a proven process that blends our unique experience over time, the collective expertise of our people, and the integration of our tools and technologies to deliver the results and record achievements that meet, and exceed, our clients’ expectations.

BASS Fishing & Rental LLC
The founding principle of Bass Energy Services is to provide you the best equipment and personnel in the industry at a competitive price. We put our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, operational efficiency and professional excellence to work every day to ensure the success of your operations.

A Custom Chemical Producer of Copper, Nickel, Tin & Other Compounds. For over 20 years, Shoremet has been recovering spent/obsolete non-ferrous metallic materials for the re-manufacturing of new, high value metallic products.

Warrior Coal
Warrior Met Coal is a leading producer and exporter of metallurgical coal for the global steel industry from underground mines located in Brookwood, Alabama, southwest of Birmingham and near Tuscaloosa. These underground coal mines are 1,400 to 2,100 feet underground, making them some of the deepest vertical shaft coal mines in North America. Metallurgical coal mined from the Blue Creek coal seam contains very low sulfur and has strong coking properties, making it ideally suited for steel makers. Warrior Met Coal’s cost-efficient operations serve markets in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America via convenient barge and rail access to the Port of Mobile. The company currently has the operational capacity to mine about eight million tons of coal per year from more than 300 million tons of recoverable reserves

CJ Energy (IADC RigPass)
C&J Energy Services is a leading provider of onshore well construction and intervention, well completion, well support and other complementary oilfield services and technologies. Operating across all major, active basins in the continental U.S., we offer a complete suite of services to enhance production and profitability throughout the life of the well. Services include fracturing, wireline, coiled tubing, cementing, rig services, fluids management services and other special wellsite services. Across the U.S., operators large and small trust C&J to handle everything from conventional operations to the most technically demanding reservoir challenges.

E2 Optics makes safety a priority throughout every aspect of the company. Our safety program is managed by our CEO who sponsors monthly safety meetings with leaders from every region. To ensure safety stays ingrained in our culture, all employees attend regular safety training so that E2 Optics’ safety principles are applied to all projects from top to bottom. Our Safety Director’s main role is to promote a culture of safety throughout the company. Safety is a company value embraced and promoted by all E2 Optics executive and senior managers.

Yellowjacket Oilfield Services 
Yellowjacket Oilfield Services strives to provide unparalleled expertise with superior quality service through continuous improvement via our most valuable assets – OUR EMPLOYEES. The #1 Priority is that every employee goes home every night to their family in the same physical condition as when they arrived. Every employee of Yellowjacket Oilfield Services is expected to take a leadership role in safety. Focusing on the continuous improvement of our work process as an organization is the foundation of which our company exists. Diligence of every job, as individuals in the areas of safety, protecting the environment, quality, reliability, caring for our employees and responding to their needs, as well as that of the customer’s,.

Plus Many more...


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