When should you upgrade to SafetyPoints PREMIUM service?
by Admin User - Monday, 23 December 2019, 05:52 PM

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Once you get started with this system you will be manually storing trainee training records in a paper file folder (Student prints course report) or in a digital folder (Student saves/prints report as pdf or other file and you put the file in a digital folder). You then log the trainees records into an excel spreadsheet or database to produce full reports for other uses.

If you have in excess of 100 trainees taking 20 courses each (2,000 reports to track) you will be able to justify the cost of the upgrade in time savings. Do upgrade, in other words; if getting the training done with the Safety99 service costs you productivity which will increase your firm's profits more than the cost of the upgrade...Then Upgrade.

Features of Upgrade:

  • Company Branded Site with Your Company Logo and Customize Look and Feel to Your Company. - Your Site is Not Shared...In other words you have Your Own Unique Site and Database with full administration rights
  • Online Delivery / Tracking / Training Reporting Software with Unlimited training on all courses
  • Complete training report with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incomplete training by trainee and trainee supervisor | Trainee "Quick Report" with completed training with scores.
  • Trainee Site Use and Administrator training provided online
  • No IT Involvement or Resources needed
  • Quick Turnaround on Sites, 3-5 days and You are Training
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Purchase with NO PER SESSION CHARGES! - FIRST to Offer FIXED COST per TRAINEE with unlimited training on all courses---just $69 or less per trainee per year.!
  • Challenge Tests available the Topic Courses for Topic Test-out
  • Add Your Own Content, Create Your Own Courses or Use Third Party Courses with no Delivery Charge Add-0n .

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