About Us

Your Training Success is Our Business Success...

Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. (CDP), for more than 20 years as a full service production, course development and content provider for your QHSE Classroom, CBT and Internet-based training. Our goal is to develop a global community to support a social constructionist framework of QHSE education.

These are not words without substance as cdp proves by addressing HSE training number one barrier COST, in providing FREE online QHSE training for any firm or individual which desires to increase quality, safety, health and environmental awareness.

Our Solutions work together for your business… Products are developed in the real world... working with real clients... training real employees... solving real training problems... resulting in a training system that you adapt to your training needs for the classroom, individual CBT or online training.

Our products are Customizable, Affordable, Allow for System Integration and SIMPLE to use with no IT involvement and …WITH NO PLANNED OBSOLESENCE.

CDP addresses the greatest barriers to training... accessibility and cost.

CDP has produced, from script to screen, safety training, quality, commercial, broadcast and entertainment related videos and e learning programs for various industries.

CDP works with you to adapt and implement affordable training products. We guide you through the training product implementation process or the creation of custom programs delivered to specifications.

CDP programs and custom programs are more than talking heads. Real life illustrations in real facilities coupled with voice, music and graphic animation creates training programs that perform as intended -- inform, teach and be retained.

CDP extends this with the concept "Safety is Not Competitive, It should be Shared", many of our clients create courses which we add to the course catalog at no charge.

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