Mission Statement

Life Changing event (It really hurt!)In the 1970's, I was crippled in a mining accident. My job training for the job consisted of 45 minutes of instruction how to drive a TEREX rock truck fully loaded up and down a mountain. The training was held in the daylight hours and I was to drive at night. In short, the training was inadequate and I am paying the consequences for the rest of my life. Since that time, I muddled through various jobs ...searching for something which I could do with meaning. I got involved in safety video production and one thing lead to another, and today, "I preach a concept which came to mind 3 decades ago... make training available (and affordable) for anyone to assist in preventing injuries at work or home. "

Firms needed a high quality training tool, easy to edit, economical, effective, and deliverable in many formats and styles. But the "Tool", like old John Henry, had a mind of its own. Starting with basic PowerPoint templates, thousands of man-hours of sweat equity and earned income dollars were invested, developing a stand up training tool, from this was rendered a CBT stand-alone training product, next came the WEB based Version developed in Flash.

With subsequent version releases, our community kept growing and diversifying, with clients incorporating the products into a blended training technique. Ideas kept pouring in as more and more clients joined the user community. The "Tools" evolved to include a friendlier interface, more delivery options, new content, and many new features, and oddly enough...got simpler.

The tools obtained huge levels of growth through the courageous efforts by many extremely talented and motivated safety professionals... our clients. Believe me, the tools are no longer written by me coding, alone into the night. It's a powerful training product and with the adding of the MOODLE CLMS, we acquired the culmination of work of a talented group that spans the globe.

The following that our tools attracted amazes us all, as does the community's ongoing diversity, creativity, talent, and passion. The users of our products have pushed far beyond anything I thought possible. Encouraged by the philosophy of client ownership, the products continue to evolve through the continual improvement process of our clients.

These individuals sees it as a labor of love. The training tools could have never evolved without the involvement of the user community, who has supported our efforts with enthusiasm, forum inundations, email blasts, contributions to the product, and a stream of course content and financial support.

Thanks to everyone who has touched or been touched by our training tools, now and in the future.

Troy Hackworth


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