Oil Field Package

SafeLandUSA Package is designed to be used for In-house or Third Party Trainer accreditation** for classroom instruction and curriculum validation to issue the SafeLandUSA cards. Used by Individual firms and Third Party Trainers for the Delivery of the SafeLandUSA training.

The CDP Oil Field Package has been used by a number of firms and training groups to obtain SafeLandUSA, RigPass and SafeGulf accreditation. With this CDP package you can acquire three (3) accreditations at one time!

** Accreditation Must be Acquired by the Purchasing Company from a SAFELANDUSA Accrediting body or if you want the other accreditations (RigPass/SafeGulf) we suggest you use the IADC to acquire all three (SafeLandUSA, RigPass and SafeGulf ). [Decision Tree]

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) RigPass/SafeLangUSA/SafeGulf Accreditation Page

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Modules in Package

  • 0001 P1 General Safety
  • 0001 P2 PPE
  • 0001 P3 Hazard Communication/Handling
  • 0001 P4 Occupational Health
  • 0001 P5 Specialized Work Practices
  • 0001 P6 Fire Safety
  • 0001 P7 Materials Handling
  • 0001 P8 Health and First Aid
  • 0001 P9 Rig Platform Environment
  • 0001 P10 Emergency Response
  • 0001 P11 Well-site Environment
  • 0001 P12 Excavation Trench...
  • 0001 P13 Pits and Ponds
  • 0001 P14 Offshore Endorsement

CDP’s SafetyPoints training products are built for ease of use and for consistent validated classroom training. These products are designed for third party or in-house classroom training.

Features include:

Training Menu for consistent delivery
Interactive participation by training participants
Consistent validation of training comprehension in real time
Full Narration of programs
Open platform – html driven
Uses Microsoft PowerPoint with the Turning Technologies plugin
Tests and quizzes in MS Word and PowerPoint for Editing
Ability to add company and work specific content

Introducing New Technology to the Classroom

ResponseCard - Developed in Java™ and .NET for maximum application flexibility, the ResponseCard API also allows developers to integrate ResponseCard response technology into the rapidly expanding world of web-based applications. The open ResponseCard API will enable a variety of applications to take advantage of ResponseCard hardware and provide a proven response technology solution for your end users.

Many applications, particularly assessment applications, require a one-to-one ratio of computers to students/participants. However, often times this ratio is not available in learning and training environments. Firms that do not have an adequate supply of computers will be able to reap the benefits of assessment products that integrate with Turning 's ResponseCard technology.

Our system offers the right technologies with the right content to achieve your training goals – effectively and economically.

Price $24,995.00 (Include Computer, Backup USB & 20 Pack of Classroom Clicker training tool)

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