Video Production Services

CameraWhether credit card sized promotional videos to hand out at your tradeshow, videos for training or full production videos for distribution to potential customers, CDP  will help guide you on script ideas and general tips to produce exciting videos that help you train or sell. We can also convert your production to many Web-ready video formats that can be uploaded directly to your website and downloaded quickly.

CDP is a high tech video production team which will produce... 

  • documentary and information videos
  • safety & technical training videos
  • company promotion
  • 1/2 day to multi-year projects
  • broadcast quality camerawork
  • expert editing
  • solid research and writing
  • everything you need for state-of-the-art video
  • High Definition

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CBT & e-Learning Development Services

RapidCDP's collaborative rapid eLearning team is leading the evolution of rapid  elearning. Leading companies around the world have capitalized on our rapid  eLearning services. Rapid e-learning is emerging as the fastest-growing category of online training. It is generally defined as Web-based training that can be created in days and/or weeks and is typically authored with the assistance of our client's subject-matter experts (SMEs). Rapid elearning projects account for more than one-third of our current training-related projects and likely will comprise half of all elearning initiatives within the next three years.

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Video & eLearning Work Examples

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