Informed Decision

For you to make an informed decision in your purchase a Price Comparison Table is provided.

See the REAL savings below!

Comparison - Online Training based on 100 employee taking 10 courses**.

Company Cost per Course/**
Dupont Sustainable Solutions $15.00/$15,000
Pure Safety $19.95/$19,950
360 Training $20.00/$20,000
Mastery Technologies $29.95/$29,950
JJ Keller $24.95/$24,950
MARCOM $24.95/$24,950
Safety Source $19.00/$19,000
Ryder Safety $23.40/$23,400

Learn Safety Online

$13.00/ $13,000

Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. Option 2 - SaaS T Pricing

CDP EXAMPLE - Online Training based on 100 employee taking 10 courses

$69.00 per Trainee for ALL COURSES (200+) per Year with Unlimited training on all courses & Training Packages.

Number of Employees Price per employee per year
25-10,000+ $69.00

Total Cost for year - $6900.00 ($6.90/course based on above comparison of the use of only 10 courses & you have additional courses which you may train; 200+)

With Your OWN BRANDED Hosted Online System....

** The More You Train...The More You Reduce Your Training Costs!!

Why Pay More to Get Less!

NOTE: Based on course price only - Our Hosted Service does not charge a premium for package training (Construction 10 HR/HazWoper 8 HR etc. which are included in SaaS T Catalog)

Again, the more you train...the more you reduce your training cost!


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