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In the 1970's, our founder was crippled in a mining accident. His job training Life Changing event (It really hurt!) for the job consisted of 45 minutes of instruction how to drive a TEREX rock truck fully loaded up and down a mountain. The training was inadequate and he is paying the consequences for the rest of his life. He understands that an injured employee and his employer are not the only ones affected by an incident. Entire families are affected, many times for generations. That’s why we are in this business, to make training available (and affordable) for anyone to assist in preventing injuries at work or home.

These are not words without substance for CDP offers its training courses and packages for FREE; just go to www.safety99.com .

Now, we beg to ask the question, ”Why has the cost of elearning stayed the same or risen over the last 15 years?”

Answer: The industry has done an excellent job of selling you, “This is how it’s done and this is what it costs. You do business our way…we don't do business your way.”

We don’t know our competitors' costs but our model uses economics to scale. If we charged the average cost our competitors charge per course our markup would approach the current national debt in percentile. Understand that the development and delivery of training costs less than 1 cent per session. Our competitors average per session charge is $20 so the markup is huge.

At CDP, we understand that it's an hassle to try to compare products when the providers will not tell you their price upfront. Many providers make it very difficult to find out their costs, like they have something to hide or are embarrassed about. CDP is upfront about all prices which are easy to understand and best of all... with no hidden costs. In fact, our products were developed with the assistamce of clients...

So, how did we determine our pricing? "Our clients told us what to charge."

Our Goal, " Help our clients be safe, achieve compliance, substain growth and make a profit."

"Your Business Success is Our Business Success for as you Grow...we do to "


Many firms have used our products and pricing to get a better deal from their current eLearning vender. Simply go to HomePage and download our Leverage Proposal , fill it out and apply leverage in price negotiations.

We appreciate your business and that's why we want to talk to you in person to make sure you purchase the right solution.

If we know of a better solution...even if it means losing your order, we will tell you.

We are here to assist, inform, educate and guide you.

We just want you to train your employees - SAFETY is LIFE...

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