Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program

As a value-added reseller (VAR) you can add CDP online training as a "Value Added" feature to your existing services; RESULT-the service you provide to your end-users becomes more of a complete "turn-key" solution.

CDP, by working with safety consultants to understand the problems associated with the implementation of technical products found these to be the barriers to access for most;

High VAR Start-up Costs which prohibits use

Complicated (& Expensive) Pricing for clients which limits market (and VAR for service bundles)

Complicated training delivery/tracking

VAR product pricing which Limited Client Access (to expensive for client)

Limited IT (Technical) Resources for both VAR and Client

To address these issues we developed our Option 1 WBT product which allows with:

Low Start-up Cost

Single Low Price for each client with unlimited training on all courses which is easily bundled into current services without a significant increase in overall pricing

Easy to perform training with easy off-line tracking of completed training

NO IT support needed

How the Program Works:

Once you sign up we develop for you your Company Branded training site portal which clients are placed.

The clients train their employees and retain the training records offline (Review Option 1 -SafetyPoints WBT on Home page for process) and you audit the training - That's It!

You may bill the client separately or "bundle the training" with your current services invoice.

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Simple to Start - Simple to Use

For Startup pricing and client account costs-


Troy Hackworth



Access to Medical Records
Accident Investigation
Aerial Lift Safety
Anhydrous Ammonia Safety
Back Safety
Basic Company Policies
Behavioral Based Safety Basics
Blood borne Pathogens
Broken Worker - Working with Difficult People
Carbon Dioxide
Caustic Soda Solutions
Cold Weather Safety
Compressed Gas Cylinders
Confined Spaces
Conflict Resolutions (HSE)
Construction & Crafts Training
Crane Safety
Disaster Management
DOT General Awareness Training [Online or Classroom]
DOT Security Part 1
DOT Security Part 2
Driving Safety
Driving Skills
Drug & Alcohol - Employee
Electrical Safety - Unqualified
Elevated Walking and Working Surfaces
Emergency Plan
Emergency Response
EMS Awareness-Manager
Environmental Awareness
Environmental Protection Field
Excavation, Trenching & Shoring
Eye Safety
Fall Prevention
Fire Prevention & Safety
Fire Warden
First Aid
Flash Arc NFPA 70E
Forklift - Classroom
Gas Hazards
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
Hand & Power Tool
Hand, Wrist & Finger
Hazard Recognition
HAZCOM - Chemical Safety
HAZCOM - Chemical Storage
Hazcom - Your Right to Know
HazMat Primer
HazWoper Overview
Hearing Conservation & Safety [Noise Exposure]
Heat Exhauston [Stress]
Hot Work
Hydrogen Sulfide
Incident Reporting & Investigation
Introduction to OSHA
Lab Safety
Lockout Tagout
Machine Guards
Materials Handling
Napo Films for the Classroom
Near Miss
New Employee Safety Orientation
NIOSH Workplace Stress Awareness
NIOSH Workplace Violence
Observation, Reporting & Closure
Occupational Health
Office Hazards Exercise
OSHA eTools
Personal Hygiene
Pinch Points
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Powered Platforms
PPE & You
Preventing and Defusing Violence
Process Safety Management [PSM]
Progressive Discipline
Respiratory Safety
Risk Assessment
Root Cause
Safe Work Practices
Safety & Health Programs - WHY?
Safety Attitudes & Actions
Safety Housekeeping
Safety Signs & Tags
Safety Workplace Inspection
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Short Service Employee
Slips Trips Falls
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work
Subcontractor Management
Ten Steps to Proper Drug Testing (Video)
Toxic Metal-Chromium
Toxic Metals - LEAD
TWIC Card Training (HSE)
Walking Working Surfaces
Warehouse Safety
Welding & Brazing
Working Alone
Workplace Violence

Access Control & Monitoring
Advanced Vehicle Search
Bomb Threats and Pipe Bombs
Circumventing Security Measures
Conflict Resolutions
Crowd Management
Emergency Response Plan
Facility Security Plan
High Rise Building Security
Identifying Security Threats and Patterns
Information Gathering Report Writing
Intoduction to CFATS
Maintenance of Security Equipment
Public Building Security
Recognizing Dangerous Substances-Devices
Security Screening
Terrorism - Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
TWIC Card Training
Weapons of Mass Destruction

Oil Field
Package Based on IADC RigPass | Safeland USA | SafeGulf Curriculum

Oil Patch Videos
Catheads & Air Hoists

Eye Safety

Fall Protection (2 Versions)

Hand Safety

Rig Down

Rig Work Enviroment Orientation

Seat Belts in the Oil Patch

Inspections-Basics of Drilling, Workover and Special Services

HazWoper 8 Hour Refresher

Avoiding Lane Change Crashes
Avoiding Rear End Crashes
Avoiding Run Under Crashes
CSA & Your Business
Driver Wellness
Highway Construction Work Zones and Traffic Control Hazards
Part 396 - Driver's Inspection
Proper Cornering
Tanker Driving

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