• All Courses Included
    Accident Investigation
    Back Safety
    Bloodborne Pathogens
    Confined Spaces
    Crane Safety
    Driving Safety
    Driving Skills*
    Drug & Alcohol for Employees
    Drug & Alcohol for Supervisors
    Electrical Safety (Unqualified)
    Emergency Planning
    Eye Safety
    Fall Protection
    Fire Safety
    First Aid
    Forklift Training
    HAZCOM (Right To Know)
    HAZWOPER (Intro.)
    Heat Stress
    Hearing Protection
    Hand & Power Tool
    Hand Wrist & Finger
    Hot Work Permits
    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
    Lockout / Tagout
    Machine Guards
    Office Hazards
    Respiratory Protection
    Rigging Safety
    Safety Housekeeping
    Safety Orientation for New Hires
    Safe Work Practices*
    Slips, Trips & Falls
    Trenching & Shoring Safety
    Welding Safety
    EMS Awareness*
    EMS Awareness- Manager*
    EMS Awareness-Field Version*
    Storm Water*
    HazWoper 8 Hour
    Oilfield Oilfield Training based on IADC RigPass-Land / Offshore
    Course Based on SAFELANDUSA Cirriculum
    DOT Driver Wellness*
    DOT 8 Hour HazMat Training
    Highway Watch*
    Tanker Driving Techniques
    FAA HazMat 8 Hour Training Course (Will Carry & Will Not Carry)
    ADA Title III
    Getting to Know OSHA
    Tools of Assistance
    Supervisors & Manager's Responsibilities
    Implement ting An Effective Safety Program
    Figuring Your Rates (Incidents)
    Zero Incidents Safety Culture
    Safety Culture
    15 Spanish | Red -Separate Course Page Access
  • For Training Purposes Only

    These modules are for training purposes only; they are not a substitute for the Hazardous Materials Regulations. In order to be sure you're in compliance with the regulations, refer to a current copy of the Hazardous Materials Regulations and the final rules published in the Federal Register. In the event of a discrepancy between these training modules and the current HMR, the HMR is the authoritative source.

    Welcome to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Pipeline
    and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's (PHMSA) Hazardous Materials General Awareness/ Familiarization training program. This program is designed to:

    • familiarize you with the requirements of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR); and
    • enable you to recognize and identify hazardous materials.

    The training provides an overview of:

    • the Hazardous Materials Table;
    • Hazard Classes;
    • Packaging;
    • Marking, Labeling, and Placarding;
    • Shipping Papers; and
    • Incident Reporting
  • Napo's films - The Napo series of films are produced in computer graphics. They feature characters in the world of work, faced with safety issues. The main character, Napo, and his partners express themselves in wordless language. Their stories have an educational value. They provoke questions and stimulate debate on specific aspects of safety at work. Sometimes they provide practical solutions or lead to them. It is this blend of education, cultural neutrality and humor set in a cartoon style that gives the "Napo" series its identity. Napo is a likeable but careless character. The universal language of Napo makes the films suitable for everyone. Each scene is independent of the others and can be used as one film, or individually.

  • OSHA eTools

    Construction etool-English
    Construction etool-Spanish
    Evacuation Plans
    Legionnaires' disease
    Lockout Tagout
    Machine Guarding
    Respiratory Protection
    Safety & Health Management
    Computer Work Stations
    Electrial Contractors
    Oil & Gas & MUCH MORE