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The Safety MoodleBox

HSE Training in a Box


Small footprint mobile Internet independent device that provides a wireless network to smartphones, tablets and computers.

Moodle 3.9

Full-fledged Moodle learning management systemwith more than 100 safety courses that enables to supply training to your employees.

Wi-Fi Access Point

When connected to your internet network,the MoodleBox provides internet access to all devices that are wirelessly connected.


The Safety MoodleBox is an inexpensive platform based on the Rasberry Pi 3 or 4 with all installed to get you started training.

Flexibility and Results

Higher Perfomance

What is the Safety MoodleBox

MoodleBox is a standalone small and inexpensive mobile device working without Internet. It combines a wireless access point with a full featured Moodle server installed with more than 100 safety training courses..

MoodleBox creates a Wi-Fi network
Turn on MoodleBox to create a wireless local area network and enable learners to connect to it using their own devices to retrieve documents, collaborate in real time and take complete training courses using Moodle.

Connect the box to the Internet via a wired network (Ethernet) and in addition give learners access to the Internet.

MoodleBox is built around a mini-computer Raspberry Pi 3A, 3B, 3B+ or 4B and the Moodle learning environment, the most used open source LMS in the world.

Use cases
MoodleBox is used to enhance online learning and teaching:

-where infrastructure is non-existent or inadequate, for example in developing countries;
-where infrastructure has been destroyed, in the wake of war episodes or natural disasters;
-when existing infrastructure is not suitable for specific projects, for example when the Internet speed is not fast enough or when the platform provided is not adapted to the usage you need (no plugins, no customization possible, etc.); offshore, remote work sites (IE drilling rigs) etc.
-when it is sensible to provide learning activities offline, without Internet access.

It offers small groups (about 20-30 participants) the opportunity to work in a learning environment without the need for heavy setup.

What Fantastic Users Say From Around the World

The MoodleBox ia an brillant idea to start digital learning in the classroom even without a company-wide Wi-Fi connection. Most trainers are anxious in allowing trainees access to the internet, but they can be secure when everything is contained and only be found on the MoodleBox.

Ralf Krause
Dusseldork, Germany

Every day, I discover new useful features to use in the training classroom thanks to MoodleBox!

Melanie Auriel
Vannes, France

Are you a trainer who's looking for a powerful, secure eLearning solution? MoodleBox may be the answer. Its small footprint on the Raspberry Pi loaded with safety courseware makes it an affordable option with the strengh and flexibility of Moodle, the de facto open source learning management system. (along with the SafetyPoint HSE content)

Don Watkins
New York, USA

WAnt to use Moodle for trainees wothout internet access...MoodlBox is the answer.

Jaswinder Singh
Hyderabad, India

My head is popping...there are so many ideas that become pssible with the MoodleBox and HSE content...

Houston, TX

I run the RaspberyPi classroom in rural Tanzania, Mwanza and Nyakats and we are finding the MoodleBox very useful here.

Asmo KosKoskisen
Mwanza, Tanzania

Included Safety Titles 

Accident Investigation^^
Access to Medical Records^^
Aerial Lifts^^
Anhydrous Ammonia Safety
Back Safety^^
Basic Rules & Policies^^
Battery Safety 
Behavioral Based Safety^^ 
Blood borne Pathogens^^
Carcinogens ^^
Carbon Dioxide 
Cargo Securement
Caustic Soda
Chain Saw Safety
Chemical Safety^^
Chemical Storage^^
Chromium ^^
Cold Weather^^ 
Confined Space^^
Conflict Resolution^^ 
Crane Safety^^
DOT Security P1/P2^^ 
Driving Safety^^ 
Driving Skills^^ 
Drug & Alcohol^^
Electrical Safety^^
Elevated Walking and Working^^ 
Emergency Planning^^ 
Emergency Response^^
Employee Safety Orientation^^ 
Environmental Awareness^^ 
Excavation Trenching & Shoring^^ 
Eye Safety ^^
Fall Prevention^^
Fire Prevention & Safety^^ 
Fire Extinguishers^^
Fire Warden^^
First Aid^^ 
Forklift - Classroom^^  


Flammables Combustibles^^
Flash Arc NFPA 70E^^
Gas Cylinders 
Gas Hazards 
Hand & Power Tool 
Hand, Wrist & Finger^^
Hazard Recognition^^
HAZCOM - Right to Know^^ 
Hearing Conservation^^
Heat Exhaustion [Stress]^^ 
Hot Work^^ 
How to Avoid Pinch Points^^ 
Hydrogen Sulfide^^
Introduction to OSHA ^^
Introduction to HazWoper ^^
Journey Management
Lab Safety
Land Transportation^^
Leadership Skills 
Lockout TAGOUT^^
Machine Guards^^
Materials Handling  
Mobile Equipment 
Near Miss^^ 
Occupational Health^^
Office Safety^^
OSHA 10 HR Constr. & Gen. Ind.*^^
Pandemic ^^
Portable Tools^^
PPE & You^^
Process Safety Management^^ 
Progressive Discipline 
Portable Tools
Powered Platforms^^ 
Respiratory Safety^^


Return to Work 
Risk Assessment
Root Cause^^ 
Safety Attitudes & Actions^^
Safety Health Programs
Safety Housekeeping^^ 
Safety Signs & Tags
Safety Worksite Inspections
Security_28 Modules
Sexual Harassment 
Short Service Employee  
Subcontractor Safety
Supervisors Role in Safety
Silica Frac
Slips Trips Falls^^ 
Spotter Safety 
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work 
Storm Water 
Subcontractor Management  
Train the Trainer
Universal Waste  
Walking Working Surfaces^^
Waste Management 
Welding & Brazing^^
Walking Working Surfaces^^
Waste Management  
Working Alone
Workplace Violence 
Warehouse Safety^^
SafetyPoints Training Games
SafetyPoints Safety Briefs

and more...Games... MicroLearning

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