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  • Hosted Products Link 

    CDP's Adaptive Training Systems is a web based health and safety training system which includes courseware (OSHA,EPA,DOT, Other. The service is provided for a low monthly subscription and is hosted by us on our secure servers.

    Subscription Based, Access Anytime

    One low-cost, monthly subscription provides authorized users with complete access to their "Own Unique Company Branded Training Site" (not shared) which includes all courses- Delvered 24/7- anywhere and anytime. Upgrades, back ups, and online support are included with you having the ability to view, create, edit and print records.

    Key Management Tools

    Management reports can be produced and emailed. Adaptive Training System features integrated management tools such as action reminders (email and LMS text message) and the ability to disseminate reports and documents via download to attach to email to non-users of the system.  

    Key Features:

    Low Monthly Hosting Fee for Your Unique Company Branded Site with All the Courses

    No IT Involvement or Resources Needed 

    Unlimited Use of ALL The Courses-NO PER SESSION CHARGES

    You Have Complete Site Control

    Hosted Products Link

  • Since we are content providers...Part of our day job is to research commercial LMS for clients. We've been researching LMSs for a few years now, and we've become a huge fan of Moodle because it is open source, built on a sound training delivery philosophy, and has a huge community that supports and develops it. It can compete with the big commercial systems in terms of feature set and is easy to extend. MoodIe also stacks up well against the feature sets of the major commercial systems.  MoodIe is the only open source system currently available that can compete with the big boys' features...  and it's FREE!
  • TurningPoint audience response system integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard® keypad or other hand-held/computer devices. Using a TurningPoint audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses and dramatically improves productivity and results for your business or educational organization. Author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving PowerPoint®. Engage participants, assess learning, gather data, or enhance presentations with TurningPoint.
  • CourseLab is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, e-learning authoring tool that offers programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating high-quality interactive e-learning content which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (LMS), CD-ROMS and other devices. And it is FREE!
  • Audacity is a FREE audio recorder for WAV and MP3 audio creation for your training courses.
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  • The First to Offer "Off-the-Shelf"   WEB Based Safety Training Courseware

  • Purchase Options:

    Option :  WEB/LMS Ready Course (Tuned for Dial-Up Modem Delivery) plus Powerpoint Template with Audio for Editing in Articulate | Adobe Captivate | TurningPoint  Slides - $999.00 per course.

    Available Titles:

    Accident Investigation    Back Safety Bloodborne Pathogens Carcinogens
    Confined Space Crane Safety  DOT215 Driving Skills
    Drug /Alcohol Employees Drug /Alcohol Supervisor Electrical (Unqualified) Emergency Planning
    Ergonomics Eye Safety  Fall Prevention Fire Prevention
    First Aid Forklift (Classroom) General Orientation Hydrogen Sulfide
    Hand & Power Tool Hand Wrist & Finger HAZCOM "Right to Know"  Introduction to HazWoper
    Hearing Conservation Hot Work Permits Safety Housekeeping Lockout Tagout
    Machine Guarding Per. Prot. Equipment  Respiratory Protection Rigging Safety
    Slips Trips & Falls Trenching & Shoring Welding & Brazing

  • By Client Request- Content Editing & Development System

    Everything you need to edit the SafetyPoint Templates or create new courses from scratch.

    System includes all Hardware and Software needed for...

    • Course Output for WEB or CD
    • Audio Creation and Editing
    • Complete Training "How To Guide" Included 

    Price- $9,295.00 and includes 2 Templates of your choice.

  • Course Previews and Ordering Instructions:

    Course Content Previews:

    Previews are easy. Why? Because we want you to know what you are purchasing. We allow you a complete review of the courses.

    1. To preview a course's click on the category "Course Content to Review" in the Course Categories Area on this page (Below) then...
    2. Click on the Content Preview Menu Link (Upper Left of page) 
    3. You will be asked for a Login, click on the [Login as a guest] button to proceed to the course preview screen.

    Then follow the simple instructions on the course preview screen to view the course content. We provide a novel can Preview all the courses from one screen...a few clicks and you can preview ALL the content.

    Let's take your Preview a Step Further....

    You've Previewed and seen the value of the content, but are not quite sure what you are going to get, well lets give you a FREE Course to download and test. Play with the course...use it on your Learning Management System or Classroom...Let's make sure the courses will work for you...So...

  • Click Here for a FREE HAZCOM Course (Option 1 Version) zip archive
  • Purchase Instructions: 

    When you are Ready to make a purchase, Simply open the pdf "Online Purchasing Instructions..." below to View/Print how to:

    1. How to Create your Login and Purchasing Account (a One-Time Event)
    2. Purchasing, Payment Options and Downloading Your Course(s)
  • Instructions for Account Setup and Online Purchasing PDF document
  • Invoiced Orders: If you need to be invoiced for your purchase use the order form below. You may fill it out online and email or print and fax/mail to our attention. Please indicate on the order form your peferred delivery method (Download, USB drive, CD or DVD)

  • Order Form PDF document
  • This order Form uses pdf form-fill and may be emailed or printed (click email button and/or print button at top right of pdf) 

  • File Size: The download of the courses range in size of 1 to 50 mb. Be sure you have sufficent bandwidth for an efficient download. Please contact us if you have problems with your course downloads so we can deliver your courses via USB drive, CD or DVD.

  • Copyrights | Course Disclaimer Resource

Course categories

Course Content to Review (Guests Login Allowed) 
 Content Preview MenuThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
Option 1: WEB/LMS Course Versions including WEB-$999.00 per course 
 Option 1: Accident Investigation Summary
 Option 1: Back SafetySummary
 Option 1: Blood borne Pathogens Summary
 Option 1: CarcinogensSummary
 Option 1: Confined Space Summary
 Option 1: Crane Safety Summary
 Option 1: DOT 215D Summary
 Option 1: Driving SkillsSummary
 Option 1: Drug & Alcohol Employee Summary
 Option 1: Drug & Alcohol SupervisorSummary
 Option 1: Electrical (Unqualified) Summary
 Option 1: Emergency PlanningSummary
 Option 1: ErgonomicsSummary
 Option 1: Eye SafetySummary
 Option 1: Fall PreventionSummary
 Option 1: Fire PreventionSummary
 Option 1: First AidSummary
 Option 1: Forklift (Classroom)Summary
 Option 1: General Safety OrientationSummary
 Option 1: Hydrogen Sulfide AwarenessSummary
 Option 1: Hand Power ToolSummary
 Option 1: Hand Wrist FingerSummary
 Option 1: HAZCOMSummary
 Option 1: HazWoper IntroductionSummary
 Option 1: Hearing ConservationSummary
 Option 1: Hot Work PermitsSummary
 Option 1: Safety HousekeepingSummary
 Option 1: Lockout TagoutSummary
 Option 1: Machine GuardingSummary
 Option 1: Personal Protective EquipmentSummary
 Option 1: Respiratory ProtectionSummary
 Option 1: Rigging SafetySummary
 Option 1: Slips Trips FallsSummary
 Option 1: Trenching ShoringSummary
 Option 1: Welding Cutting BrazingSummary
Option 2: Course Powerpoint Template with Audio-$449.00 per course 
 Option 2: Accident InvestigationSummary
 Option 2: Back SafetySummary
 Option 2: Bloodborne PathogensSummary
 Option 2: CarcinogensSummary
 Option 2: Confined SpaceSummary
 Option 2: Crane SafetySummary
 Option 2: DOT 215Summary
 Option 2: Driving SkillsSummary
 Option 2: Drug & Alcohol EmployeeSummary
 Option 2: Drug & Alcohol SupervisorSummary
 Option 2: Electrical (Unqualified)Summary
 Option 2: Emergency PlanningSummary
 Option 2: ErgonomicsSummary
 Option 2: Eye safetySummary
 Option 2: Fall PreventionSummary
 Option 2: Fire PreventionSummary
 Option 2: First AidSummary
 Option 2: Forklift (Classroom)Summary
 Option 2: General OrientationSummary
 Option 2: Hydrogen Sulfide AwarenessSummary
 Option 2: Hand Power ToolSummary
 Option 2: Hand Wrist FingerSummary
 Option 2: HAZCOMSummary
 Option 2: HazWoper IntroductionSummary
 Option 2: Hearing ConservationSummary
 Option 2: Hot Work PermitsSummary
 Option 2: Safety HousekeepingSummary
 Option 2: Lockout TagoutSummary
 Option 2: Machine GuardingSummary
 Option 2: Personal Protective EquipmentSummary
 Option 2: Respiratory ProtectionSummary
 Option 2: Rigging SafetySummary
 Option 2: Slips Trips FallsSummary
 Option 2: Trenching ShoringSummary
 Option 2: Welding Cutting BrazingSummary
Option 3: Course Powerpoint Template (No Audio)-$149.00 per course 
 Option 3: Accident Investigation Summary
 Option 3: Back SafetySummary
 Option 3: Blood borne PathogensSummary
 Option 3: CarcinogensSummary
 Option 3: Confined SpaceSummary
 Option 3: Crane SafetySummary
 Option 3: DOT 215Summary
 Option 3: Driving SkillsSummary
 Option 3: Drug & Alcohol EmployeeSummary
 Option 3: Drug & Alcohol SupervisorSummary
 Option 3: Electrical (Unqualified)Summary
 Option 3: Emergency PlanningSummary
 Option 3: ErgonomicsSummary
 Option 3: Eye SafetySummary
 Option 3: Fall PreventionSummary
 Option 3: Fire PreventionSummary
 Option 3: First AidSummary
 Option 3: Forklift (Classroom)Summary
 Option 3: General Safety OrientationSummary
 Option 3: Hydrogen Sulfide AwarenessSummary
 Option 3: Hand Power ToolSummary
 Option 3: Hand Wrist FingerSummary
 Option 3: HAZCOMSummary
 Option 3: HazWoper IntroSummary
 Option 3: Hearing ConservationSummary
 Option 3: Hot Work PermitsSummary
 Option 3: Safety HousekeepingSummary
 Option 3: Lockout TagoutSummary
 Option 3: Machine GuardingSummary
 Option 3: Personal Protective EquipmentSummary
 Option 3: Respiratory ProtectionSummary
 Option 3: Rigging safetySummary
 Option 3: Slips Trips FallsSummary
 Option 3: Trenching & ShoringSummary
 Option 3: Welding Cutting BrazingSummary
Development System 
 Development System PurchaseSummary

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An Industry FIRST...  SafetyPoints Off-the-Shelf courseware for WEB based Safety Training or the classroom, offering the highest quality and best value for employee safety training in industry today.

Quick-Start your own Online and Classroom Content library.

You take ownership and control of the training content to provide company and site specific compliance training company-wide. Edit in in Powerpoint, Articulate, Adobe Captivate, TurningPoint Audience Response Software or any edit tool which accepts the SafetyPoints Powerpoint template as the source file. 

Create several versions of a single course to fit site specific needs.

NEVER pay a online training or license fee again.

WEB Courseware tested and validated on the following LMSs & Audience Response System:

  • Moodle Open Source
  • SumTotal
  • Risc VTA
  • SABA
  • Maxit LearnerWEB
  • Centra
  • TurningPoint Audience Response System 

If your system is not on the list, download the Free HAZCOM course and test on your LMS.

Assistance is available for any modifications needed to assure proper delivery on your Learning Management System (LMS).

If you have a good IT department, why not pay nothing, na-da, zero dollars for your online delivery system? See the Moodle Link in the left column for a free download of the Number One LMS in the world and its FREE!

And, if you need help hosting your Online training using Moodle, that option is available too. Look for the Moodle's Partners Link on the Moodle's site.


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Partial List of Users

  • SRI
  • Adams Resources
  • bp
  • NOV Grant Prideco
  • NOV Reed Hydrolog
  • Packers Plus
  • PetroSafety Services
  • GulfMark Energy
  • ADA Resources
  • Service Transport          
  • LandMark Aviation
  • Highmount Exploration
  • Well-Pro Services
  • Tesco
  • Fishbone Companies
  • Yokogawa
  • Oilind Safety

Below are  a Few Clients which use our content on Corporate or Commercial LMS:

  • Chevron (Knowledge Planet LMS)
  • Cat Tech (Risc VTA)
  • CD TECH (Risc VTA)
  • Marathon (Risc VTA)
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